Friday, August 29, 2008

Bone Suckin' Sauce Makes Darn Good Ribs

I love ribs, but I don't make them all that often at home because I live in a New York apartment without access to a grill. I can haz ribs, too?

Yes! I can haz ribs! And I can make them in my little kitchen. Yippeee!

I was introduced to the wonders of Bone Suckin' Sauce at the Fancy Food Show. Blondie and I were walking the store and the super friendly folks at the Bone Suckin' Sauce booth and their ample samples called out to us. The regular and hot sauce were delicious on it's own on a chip and the had it mixed up with onions and cream cheese for an easy and delicious party dip.

Now I love ribs, but I'm a Yankee gal. The only thing my parents grilled growing up were hot dogs, maybe a hamburger. I know not of the ways of ribs, and though I love to eat them and I've always figured I couldn't make them myself because I don't have a grill. Chatting with the Bone Suckin' folks, I learned that you can make excellent ribs in your oven if you follow their slow and low method. I was officially intrigued and prepared to seek out some Bone Suckin' sauce try my hand at

Now here's where the rib fairy comes in...

One the last day of the Fancy Food Show, Blondie and I were getting in our last tastes of everything. We stopped by the Bone Suckin' Booth to pick eat more dip and pick up some recipe cards. Our timing couldn't have been more perfect. Patrick Ford had just filmed a TV segment on how to cook ribs and they had trays of extra marinated ribs leftover that they were offering to any local New Yorker who could bring them home and cook them. Yes, I left the Javits Convention center with a ziploc filled five half racks of ribs and a couple extra jars of sauce in my purse. Sweet.

The ribs couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Lawman and I were just beginning to pack up are apartment and we had no food at home. Now how to make them. The jar advocates slow and low cooking that takes 3 1/2 hours. Lawman was on his way home and starving. He hadn't spent the whole day stuffing his face at the Fancy Food show like, um, me. What to do? What to do? Epicurious to the rescue! Now I'm not a grill master, but I make good use of my broiler. I found a broiled ribs recipe that I tweaked a bit. Since the ribs were already marinated, I followed Epicurious' Hoisin-Broiled Ribs Recipe in terms of the cooking steps and based with the extra Bone Suckin' Sauce where basting was called for. By the time Lawman got home the ribs were ready to eat. And boy were they delicious.

Rib, I Can't Wait to Eat You!

Ribs Ready for the Oven

Flipping the Ribs

It's Oven Time!

More Rib Flipping

Dinner Time!

While these ribs were tasty, I cheated with the cooking method so they weren't quite as fall off the bone as they could have been. A couple of weeks ago I attempted the ribs using the official slow and low method and as both Blondie and Lawman can attest they were easy to prepare (set it and forget it comes to mind) and delicious. The meat literally melted off the bone. Yum.

This is Labor Day Weekend. Time for barbecuing and kicking back. Enjoy these last summer days and go forth and make ribs!

Check out this Bone Suckin' Sauce locator. I spotted it at Fairway in Brooklyn.

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Patrick Ford said...

Thanks for the great compliments! I had such a great time with you guys at the Food Show in NY! You can now fan Bone Suckin' Sauce on facebook. Check it out!

You guys are great! Can't wait to see you again and eat some ribs! :)