Monday, August 25, 2008


It's Aloo Chaat!

At some point in the past year, Brownie took it upon herself to reintroduce me to Indian food. I had had many bad experiences including being violently ill, so curry dreams were more like nightmares sworn off forever. But Brownie knew what to do and just like that, I've been an Indian food lover. I'm constantly craving the spicy combinations, and recently Zach and Danny turned me onto chaat.

Aloo Chaat-ishness

This leads me to today. Wayne, I already can't fit into some of my pants. It's diet a-go-go time right now, and I can't BEAR to eat another salad. Blech lettuces, blech. I'm thinking that from the ingredients in aloo chole chaat (Potatoes, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, yogurt) it can't be that bad, or at least, it's no worse than most salads. Therefore, it's on the healthier end of midtown lunches. In the past weeks, I had gone with Brownie to Taj Delhi Chat to taste aloo chole chaat; I picked medium spicy which was just spicy enough for me to eat and finish. I thoroughly liked it, and have patiently anticipated a lunchtime where I could walk all the way over to the Fashion District to get some more. Folks, that time was today.

Chaat of some sort

I go, I order, I say "medium". A nice gentleman is behind me in line. He orders samosa chat, "Spicy". We chat about chaat. I leave. He stays. I go back to office. Upon taking my chaat out of the bag, I think "this doesn't look like my last chaat or Danny's chaat. Is this? No! Is? It? Oh!" Mind you, there's no way I could bring this back. I consider calling. My boss starts talking to me. I get verklempt. "It will be ok. Just eat the chaat. Go tomorrow, ask about it, laugh, maybe get free chaat," goes through my head. One bite, one bite was all it took for my entire digestive system to be en fuego!!!!!!

Wrong Chaat!

I power walk to the kitchen. "Can I chug milk out of a carton? Will these people think I've completely lost it? Yes, Blondie, your stomach may not understand the fiery heat entering it, but you must always use your manners." Now, the chaat was good, but I think I managed to go through 3/4s of a carton of milk and only ate about 1/8th of the chaat you see there. The last time my mouth felt such heat, well that was last week when I accidentally ate a chile pepper; let's just say, my mouth didn't feel normal again until it was time to leave. I thought that maybe they mixed up my chaat with the guy's behind me, but looking over Zach's cheat sheet, I think that I had sev chaat? If anyone has a clue what kind of chaat I ate, please let me know. If those are sevs, they're sort of wonderful, and add a pleasant texture to healthier food, while the pomegranate seeds added a nice color to the dish. I would love to get this again, of course on medium heat. Regardless, I still love chaat!

Taj Delhi Chat
1013 6th Avenue, between 37th and 38th Streets
(212) 840-4810

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Anonymous said...

haha, wow 3/4 carton of milk? that must be some hardcore spice right there. i'm with you though, the chaat makes me feel like it's a healthy lunch. it's an excuse to snack on chocolates in the afternoon...