Friday, August 15, 2008

Coconut Bun! Coconut Bun!

Three months ago I thought I that I had tasted my last coconut bun at Mei Lai Wah when they seemingly shut their doors forever. I tried to find a substitute, but couldn't find another coconut bun that measured up. So I was delighted to discover the 08/08/08 was truly a day of good fortune...the day that marked the reopening of Mei Lai Wah Coffeeshop as Mei Li Wah Bakery...

There is much to discuss with Mei Lai Wah's reopening--including a recap of Blondie's first visit to this Chinatown institution--but I wanted to take this opportunity to give the Coconut Bun it's moment in the sun.

Ah, the coconut bun. Wonderfully fluffy and soft, this pillowy sugar dusted bun is filled with a delicious candied coconut paste in the center. I'm not really a coconut fan at all, but these buns are a worthy exception. They are at their very best fresh out of the oven, when they could literally melt in your mouth. I can't recommend them enough. Blondie and her cousin, Lil Blondie enjoyed them and Lil Blondie can't stand coconut. Seriously, even if you think you hate coconut, I think these are worth a try. Certifiably oh, so delicious!

Stay tuned...more Mei Li Wah deliciousness to come!

Mei Li Wah Bakery
62-64 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 866-7866

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gagnehgj said...

I am SO EXCITED that they have reopened! I'd been told they closed and was deeply bereft. Do they still have the awesome old cash register and super old school booths?

Must get pork buns before I go!