Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conecakes Returneth

Dear Blondie and Brownie,

I tried to get the conecakes that you blogged about and they were all out. :(
Do you know when the Treats Truck will have more?
-A Hungry Reader

Yes, Hungry Reader. Yes, we do...

Our post on the recent appearance of conecakes at the Treats Truck has generated a ton of interest with links from Cupcakes Take the Cake, Midtown Lunch, Serious Eats New York, Cityrag, Gothamist, Grub Street, and Zagat Buzz among others. And there have been charged reactions from equally vociferous pro-Conecake and anti-Conecake factions... Delicious nostalgic treat or boring snack best left at Midwestern bake sales? You be the judge. The Treats Truck will be featuring the conecakes as a special for the rest of the week. They sold out quickly yesterday, so go early. We'll see you at the truck!

Treats Truck
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1 comment:

Siobhan said...

I will be leaving the office at exactly 11:59am. If she sells out again today, i will be a very, very mad blondie!!!