Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fro-yo in SoHo

My love for Frogurt is no secret. I'm an addict. Sorry Pinkberry and Red Mango, you've been eclipsed. I accept no substitutes when I want my fro-yo fix and I'm so happy that I am slowly discovering other places to get my fro-yo of choice...

A "Small" Plain and Strawberry

When I first posted about my new found love for the fro-yo at Forty Carrots one of our readers tipped me off that they also serve Frogurt at the cafe in the SoHo Bloomingdales. Tucked away on the 2nd floor, Cafe 504 was surprisingly less scene-y (I know, it's ridiculous, but if you've been to Forty Carrots you know what I mean about it being "scene-y") and less crowded than Forty Carrots. They carry plain frogurt and the flavor of the day. When I dropped by last Thursday the special flavor was "Cool Strawberry." I've never had strawberry frogurt before, so I of course had to give it a try. It had a pleasant fresh strawberry flavor. After a few bites it reminded me of the strawberry milk mix I used to get as a kid from my friends in Israel, not bad at all. As I got closer to finishing it the flavor became more cloying. I wouldn't shy away from having strawberry again, but I might go for less. Which brings me to the wonders of the side-by-side swirl.

Until I had Forty Carrots I had no idea that you could even get a side-by-side swirl. Two swirls in one cup? Why hadn't I thought of this before? This allows for flavor variety but you control your own mixage. If you get the traditional half and half swirl the stronger flavor will invariably overpower the other and you lose the flavor contrast.

In my experience, the counter folks at both Forty Carrots and Cafe 504 are swirl masters. I've seen them somehow side-by-side swirl three different flavors in one cup. They swirl to custom proportions, you could as for mostly plain fro-yo with a bit of another flavor. Since the strawberry fro-yo was good but a bit too sweet, I think next time I'll get with mostly plain and a little bit of strawberry on top.

Three Swirls Together!

And now for a fro-yo caveat emptor...

Apparently all frogurts are not created equal. Some frogurts are more equal than others. I was excited when Blondie discovered that Fresh Fruit Bouquet Co on 45th Street between Madison and Vanderbilt also served frogurt.

Fresh Fruit Bouquet Co with their "Creamy 'n' Delicious" Frogurt Sign

But both times we went we found the texture of their frogurt was off from Forty Carrots or Cafe 504. Instead of being smooth and creamy, it was icy and watery and seemed to start melting right out of the machine. I assume that anywhere that sells Frogurt uses the same ye olde Frogurt starter mix, so I'm not sure if it's a problem with their machine or what, but next time I'll make the trip to either Bloomies location for the fro-yo I've come to know and love.

Frogurt from Fresh Fruit Bouquet Co.

Melty and Icy :(

Got any other frogurt locations to share? I hear they also serve it up at Cafe Lalo and Zabars... I see some fro-yo missions in my future.

Cafe 504
504 Broadway
2nd floor
New York NY 10012
open daily: 10am - 7pm

Forty Carrots

1000 3rd Ave
7th Floor
New York, NY 10022


Anonymous said...

oooooh i did not know you could get froyo at the Bloomingdale's in SoHo! Mostly because i've never been in there before... but thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

MMMM They look soooo good. Love how they are swirled together!

Brownie said...

Always happy to share the fro-yo love, Danny. :)

If you are a frogurt addict like myself, be sure to ask at either Forty Carrots or Cafe 504 for a fro-yo frequent buyer club card.

Anonymous said...

I think the the Frogurt served at Fresh Fruit Bouquet company is amazing. The Frogurt parfaits are
not only healthly, but low in calorie and non fat, can't beat that for a quick lunch. I don't find that the yogurt is melty and icy, I think it's just right. I love their choices for toppings. My favorite is banana, captain crunch and a little caramel. My friends and I are definitely addicted!!!

Anonymous said...

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Frogurt has finally come to the Hamptons , stop by Westhampton Beach and take some home, Now making custom Frogurt Fruit Ice Cream Cakes , Flavors include Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach call 631 288-2522