Monday, August 18, 2008

It will always be Shea to me!

Wagner on LIRR
At the end of this baseball season, Shea Stadium will be no more, and I will have to start trekking to Citi Field to watch my beloved Mets (though by Danny Meyer signing on, the blow was softened a bit.) I'm hoping that they will still have room for some of my favorites though.

I'm not the biggest fan of stadium food. It's overpriced, greasy, and tastes like ass. I'd rather bring a sandwich and drink beer, preferably Sam Adams. Usually the sandwich would come from some outside deli, if I'm lucky Sandwich Kings or Cherry Valley, so Mama's of Corona and their outpost never registered with any member of my fam. But when it did, I was excited. No more last minute dashes into delis, clock ticking because you may miss the train and the first inning. I've since learned the exact whereabouts of the stand, but have yet to make it early enough to the store at field level. I have at least one more shot to do so. The mezzanine outpost, behind section 11, carries two sandwiches, the Mama's Special (aka Italian) and a Turkey with either Swiss or American. Both are $9.75, pretty steep, but the same as what, two hot dogs? I don't know the prices of anything else at Shea, except for beer ($8) and helmet cups ($5).

Mama's Special
The Mama's Special comes with mozzarella, salami, ham, and a side of roasted red peppers and mushrooms, and while it's not as big or hits the spot as good as a Bomb, it will suffice and is quite filling for one person.

Turkey and Cheese
The turkey sandwich isn't very creative, turkey and cheese with a side of mushrooms, but it's great to pretend it's healthy, like I do: "Look it's turkey, it can't be bad. Disregard the cheese." It's very important that you place the sides on the sandwiches prior to eating; if you don't, they're not as good, trust me. The ingredients are fresh and good quality, no rubbery mozzarella or hard day-old bread, so unless you want to eat stale chips and plastic cheese, I'd head here for some late season eating.

Helmet Cup
My other favorite Shea eats is the helmet cup. I don't care if it's overpriced. I love Carvel soft serve and I love rainbow sprinkles. Add in that the helmets right now are for this season only, and I'll gladly fork over my fiver.

David in the stance
Now, along with these gratuitous shots of my favorite player, I would like to make it clear to whomever is making the Citi Field food decisions out there. Please do not take away Mama's or Carvel.

Mmm, delicious

Truth be told, I don't think I'm going to wait on an hour long line for Shake Shack or Blue Smoke there. I'm paying money to watch David (and the Mets), not wait for a hamburger.
Jose and David discussing the Blondie Sandwich later

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Yvo Sin said...

God that a$$ ... drool! Did you notice he's getting bigger (all around) lately? Hmm...
And hey, you were at the same game as me! Well, last Sunday home game for Wagner's bobblehead! I have the Sunday plan... must make it early this week to go to Mama's on Field Level but I don't think I can... I'll be drinking all day the day before... boo.
I guess I'll go grab one of those helmet cups too! I haven't seen that one though, just the regular Mets helmet.. hmm