Thursday, August 28, 2008

Me Want Food!

Me want food! That's what my tummy was saying around 1:00pm yesterday, so I ventured out to meet Blondie for our farewell summer lunch at the Rock Center farmer's market. But production for a little show called 30 Rock blocked my way...

Keep Moving Along, People!

Yep, the PAs had sealed off the center part of the plaza between 49th and 50th street blocking my clear path to the Farmer's Market. Since Blondie was unexpectedly detained at the Saks, I decided to go in for a closer look while I waited.

Lemon and Jack!

"Me Want Food, Too, Lemon"

Finally Blondie arrived so we could move on to the dining portion of the lunch hour. She went for the grilled vegetable sandwich ($7). I got the ratatouille ($4) which was cheap, delicious, and healthy!

Blondie's Veggie Sandwich

What is it about French that makes everything sound fancier? I always thought that ratatouille was more involved than sauteed vegetables. I also thought that it had meat. I guess in my head it was some sort of cross between Coq au vin and Boeuf Bourguignon...which now that I think of if probably wouldn't be half bad. In any case, if you are as unfamiliar with classic French cuisine as I am--sorry great great grandma--ratatouille is a vegetarian dish loaded with summer veggies. As these summer days dwindle down, I'm definitely going to make some at home in the near future.

So This is Ratatouille...

If you want to make your own ratatouille, you still have Thursday and Friday to shop for veggies at the Rock Center Market.

Rock Center Farmers Market
Wednesday through Friday
July 23rd until August 29th
8:00am until 6:00pm


Anonymous said...

What stand did you guys get the sandwhich and ratatouille at ? They both look delicious!

Unknown said...

i think that stand is only there on wednesdays? definitely not thursday. they also have the amazing pickles and pesto. i forget their name though. and niceeeeee!!!!!!! on the 30 rocks taping!

Brownie said...

@wonders: We got the sandwich and the ratatouille at Katchkie's Farm booth. Sarah's right, they are only there on Wednesdays. You might check out their site: to see if they are moving on to another green market location.

@sarah: the pickles are so delicious! I've been wondering if I'd ever see the 30 Rock taping crew. I love randomly running into film crews! :)