Friday, August 1, 2008 slice

When it comes to pizza, I'll admit I'm picky. I was raised on New Haven pizza. Sally's and Modern are my baseline for a good pie. But I know I really love a new food when it stays on my mind and that's exactly how I feel about the Vodka Slice from Bene Pizza in Brooklyn...

Vodka Slice

Cheese, Sauce, Crust

Bene Pizza is a hidden gem in Windsor Terrace and in my opinion the best pizza that I've had in the neighborhood. While their regular slices are good, and I especially like their garlicky vegetable slice, the vodka slice is where it's at. The crust is thin yet chewy more New York style than New Haven, but that's ok by me...all the better to support more fresh mozzarella and vodka sauce, which is homemade daily and is everything a good vodka sauce should be creamy, tomato-y, with a nice zingy finish.

Ernie, the owner of the place, has been making pies since he was 13 years old when he got his start working for his parents. He's owned his own pizza place since 1996 and Bene Pizza since 2005. He's an affable guy who makes a mean pie and his pizza place has a nice neighborhood feel to it.

Slices are $2.50 and specialty slices like the vodka pie are $3.50. One vodka slice tends to be filling for me. If you still have room, Uncle Louie G's has an outpost right around the corner where you can get a waffle ice cream sandwich for $3.00.

Bene Pizza
157 Prospect Park Southwest
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(718) 686-0046
11:00am until 10:00pm, 7 days a week
Free Delivery (not sure what their range is though)
Menu Front Page, Menu Back Page


Michelle said...

Vodka pizza? Who knew such a magical thing existed?

Brownie said...

I know! I wondered, how could have have lived all these years and never thought of this?!

Counting down the days until your return when we will celebrate will vodka (slices) into the wee hours!

Anonymous said...

i just linked to this post and i'm sitting at work, about 12 blocks from bene pizza and it's 10.21AM. i'm contemplating running there in the cold just to sink my teeth into one of those slices. i'm dying here...this looks so good. i can't believe i've never tried this place? but i'm in north slope so it's kind of a hike. but not so much a hike from work...