Friday, August 15, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck, One Treat at a Time: Mexican Chocolate Brownies

The Mexican Chocolate Brownie aka Blondie's favorite. Of all the brownies available at the Treats Truck, this is by far the most unique. Let us give you the run down.

All week long, the Treats Truck was selling out of conecakes, we have NO idea why. This unfortunate event meant that Kim was making a LOT of conecakes for specials, but not much else, so we decided to review an item off the everyday menu, an item Blondie has been patiently waiting to get again, the Mexican Chocolate Brownie. (Note from Brownie: I debated reviewing these solo while a certain blogging partner was dining on luscious desserts in Vegas, but decided to hold off to protect myself from imminent bodily harm.)

Like all the brownies from the truck, these squares are big, and you get the choice of center, middle, or side. The underside is the same brownie as you would usually get, but Kim bakes a decent amount of cinnamon into the top layer. Some cinnamon must fall into the bottom half, but the taste is more subtle. Some batches can be a little drier than others, but when you get a good moist one, it can be divine. This brownie is more cakey than fudgy, so a glass of milk is recommended. In Blondie's opinion, the best accoutrement is a scoop of ice cream and hot fudge. THAT would be certifibly delicious.

(Another note from Brownie: This brownie was moist and as Blondie notes, subtly spiced. Tasty, but I wouldn't have minded a little bit of heat. In my head I imagined it would be more like Jacques Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate. Yummy.)

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Anonymous said...

Personally I’m not much for cinnamon in chocolate, another thing Mexican’s like coffee with a cinnamon flavoring that I don’t care for much either. But each to their own and if you like, I’m sure that it’s good.