Sunday, August 17, 2008

This just in from the wafflewire: Wafels & Dinges now BAKING fresh Liege Wafels!

Blondie and I have been fans of the Wafels & Dinges since they first hit the streets last October (has it really only been less than 1 year?). Chief Wafel Master, Mr. Thomas DeGeest introduced us and New Yorkers to what a real Belgian waffle could be--from the light and crispy Brussels Wafel to the chewy, sugar crystal bursting Liege Wafel. While the Brussels waffles have always been made to order, because of the long and involved proofing process the Liege Wafels were imported pre-baked from Belgium and reheated on the truck. But waffelgängers and liege pretenders beware...the Wafel Master himself to push the boundaries of liegedom, Wafels & Dinges is now offering freshly baked lieges!

Some highlights: Apparently the liege differs from your typical waffle in that it's made from a ball of dough placed on the waffle iron instead of pouring batter. Also the Wafel Master cautions that these freshly baked lieges will be different in size and texture from the lieges we've been getting from the truck. They will be a bit doughier but also "more airy" with "much more of that famous 'caramelization' on the outside."

With the weak dollar, I don't see a trip to Belgium to sample lieges in their native environs in my immediate future so I'm psyched that these fresh lieges have come to me. I heart waffles. I heart New York. Lunch excursion, Blondie?

Wafels & Dinges
Location varies, so best to check their twitter (That and sometimes they have passwords for free dinges!!)

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roopa said...

I had a Nutella-topped Lieges a few weeks ago and it was SOOO good...but definitely too much for one person to eat.