Monday, August 4, 2008

Trying New Toppings at Di Fara's

My love for Di Fara's pizza is no secret. I love their pie. Lawman and I go at least once a month and usually we get either a Round Regular or a Round Artichoke Pie. We've had their pie with onion and sausage, but haven't really expanded our toppings horizon much beyond that. When Lawman's Sis and mom came to town last weekend, we seized the opportunity to try something new...

I do enjoy a good eggplant parm and since I noticed baby eggplant on the specialty toppings list. Visions of little pieces of sliced sauteed eggplant danced in my head. Yum.

When we got the pizza I was surprised to see that the "baby eggplant" was marinated eggplant! I love marinated eggplant. But on a pizza?!

And here is where I remembered the cardinal rule of Di Fara's. Trust the piemaker. The marinated eggplant added a nice tang to the pie and paired up well with the artichokes (yes, we had to get the artichokes too, it was too good not to). Certifiably delicious.

Am I missing out on any other excellent topping combos at Di Fara's by sticking with our tried and true favs? I definitely have porcini mushrooms on my radar for the next visit...

For those of you interested in more Di Fara's pics, check out our flickr.

Di Fara's Pizzeria
1424 Avenue J
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(718) 258-1367

Take the Q to Avenue J or for those of you in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace, take the B68 down Prospect Park Southwest/Coney Island Avenue to Avenue J.


Karol said...

I love the porcini mushrooms there, so different. One of my friends put me on to pepperoni and onion, though I am not really into either topping, and of course Dom made it amazing with the spicy pepperoni and sweet onions. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I still have yet to make a trip to the mecca. The legendary wait kind of scares me... They do pick-up orders?

Brownie said...

@karol: oooh, the sweet onions and spicy pepperoni does sound good. Thanks for the tip!

@danny: I've only been able to obtain a pick up order I think twice and those were off peak times. The challenge is getting them to pick up the phone. Doesn't happen very often, though if you do it during the middle of the week mid-afternoon you might have a shot. If you are ever looking for a pizza trip companion, Blondie and I are always game for a Di Fara's mission. :)