Friday, August 8, 2008

What to eat in the Milwaukee Airport

One of my connections for the Vegas trip involved stopping in Milwaukee. After having a serious discussion about which state Milwaukee is located in (and many, many Alice Cooper impressions,) it was decided Wisconsin, where I would eat bratwurst, cheese, and buy a cheesehead. The cheesehead picture is not for the blog, but the bratwurst and cheese are!!

I first tried the bratwurst at Usinger's in the food court. It wasn't fresh, the bread was soggy on the bottom, and the sauerkraut was overwhelmingly acidic. Just as I thought "Eh! You could do better Wisconsin," Bez, she was with me, pointed out a restaurant, Miller's Brewhouse, that had a sausage and bratwurst plate with sauerkraut and German potato salad. The added bonus was beer on tap. I'd starve to death if it weren't for her.

The food here was super fast; it only took approximately 10 minutes to get it. I assume they have to be fast due to the location. It was good, very good for airport food, and cheap too, but I still feel like Wisconsin could do better. The people were wonderful, and I kind of, sort of want to go back, so I may need to search out the best beer and brats in Wisconsin.

Bez, being her vegetarian self, got the wild rice salad, which was somehow dedicated to Native Americans. She thoroughly enjoyed it, I believe partly due to its different nature. How many times will you get this at an airport? Granted it's iceberg lettuce, and nothing mind-blowing, but when it's that or Cheetos; well, I'd pick the Cheetos, but that's just me. Anyways. Enough about vegetables, onto the cheese.

Look, I ate the lower quarter of Wisconsin. I forgot to photog the cheese prior to eating. The fact that I waited until I landed in New York before stuffing this baby down my gullet is impressive enough; don't expect miracles Brownie. This cheese is goooooooood. Again, nothing mind-blowing, but damn, damn tasty. It's mild, creamy, and very milky. If I had more, it would make some awesome macaroni and cheese, and will quite possibly make a great grilled cheese. I'll have to see later.

Brownie, I think a Midwest adventure is in order. We can stop in Chicago for pizza!!

PS-I would like to give a shout out to Midwest Airlines. Their people are wonderful, friendly, and accommodating (we went to them when our original flights were canceled.) Shae, our flight woman in Milwaukee, was the best because I seriously would have told those kids to STFU, and she didn't, she just smiled. They know how to run an airline, from the comfy, extra large seats, to the fresh baked cookies on board, some of the other airlines should take note.


Susie said...

Don't judge a book by its cover and don't judge a town by their airport food.

Next time you are in our neck of the woods, try Maders( They have the best German food this side of the Atlantic ocean.

Unknown said...

I agree w/Susie. Milwaukee has fantastic food, but MKE does not. Having been stranded at MKE many times (thanks a lot EWR and crappy Northeast winter weather), i've eaten at every single crappy chain in that airport. If you ever go back to Milwaukee, def try Mader's, but Elsa's on Park, Bacchus, Carnevor, and Cubanitas are all really good as well.

Siobhan said...

I completely plan on returning to Milwaukee at some point. The brats I had, while not the best, did whet my appetite!

Anonymous said...

No cheese curds?
The deep fried battered ones are a Wisconsin specialty.

You can find cheddar cheese curds at Trader Joe's. They aren't as good as the fresh ones you can get in Wisconsin, but they will do.

Ian Garlic said...

Um, How did you get to coneect through MKE? That's where I am from! Ironically (to our conversation in Vegas) my parent's owned three restaurants there and My aunt and uncle did food fairs. As for current places to eat in Milwaukee, Kopp's custard and burgers is a necessity as is Glorioso's Italian Deli.

As for brat's, buy Usinger s frozen in the airport and carry them on the plane. Also grab some chocolate cheese.

Siobhan said...

We were supposed to go through Chicago, but there were too many storms so we switched airlines and went through MKE. After seeing all of these food choices, I have a feeling a weekend trip there is not too far off.