Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Woorijip Sushi Price Hike

I sensed it was coming, but I had no idea that it would be this soon. Woorijip has raised the price on their California Roll to $4.00...

The good news is that the Case of the Vanishing Sushi Piece has been solved. The 10th piece has been returned to the sushi roll, but the price has jumped to $4.00.

$3.50 Ten Piece California Roll 6/4/08

$3.50 Nine Piece California Roll 7/29/08

$4.00 Ten Piece California Roll 8/7/08

Sigh. As much as it pains me to say it, I'm going to have to downgrade the Woorijip California Roll to a skip.

When news of the sushi subterfuge hit Midtown Lunch last week, frequent ML commentator, AL@1PP called me out for paying $3.50 for sushi with no fish. I've been rounding out my Woorijip meal with a California roll for years--as long as I've been going there. Was it the best sushi around? Not by a long shot. Best California Roll around? Nope, the "crab meat" was decidedly imitation and amount of krab seemed to diminish with each passing year. But it was a tradition--cue Fiddler music--and at $3.50 for 10 or even just 9 decent sized pieces it was a pretty good deal in my book.

But, AL@1PP did have a point...the California Roll is probably one of the least flavorful and inspiring things on the Woorijip menu, behind the Rainbow Rice Cake which tasted much like plain rice. With the price hike it now falls into the "just not worth it" category.

Bland-o Rice Cake, Also in the "just not worth it" category

Fortunately Woorijip has much to offer that is totally worth it including a new favorite of mine: the vegetable bibimbap, which coincidentally is $3.50 (at least for now) and will handsomely replace the California roll in the meal-rounding-out position.

I'm a bibimbap fan and I can't believe that this is the first time that I'm trying it at Woorijip. I love the crunchy bean sprouts and the spicy hot sauce. I'm already plotting a return visit for more. You in, Blondie?

12 W 32nd St, New York 10001
Between 5th Ave & Broadway

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I should have warned you about the rainbow ricecake. It used to be $2.00 and it was not worth it at that price... although if you want to be completely full of starch for two dollars, it is unbeatable because that thing sits like a brick if you eat all of it at once.

Yvo Sin said...

Ooh, I love Woorijip for a few items.. the gimbap... and the 'gansik' spicy looking chicken that's only ummm $4? I think that's right because when I buy the two items together, it's $7. And the frequent buyer card they stamp for every $5 you buy... yummy. I think I should go there tonight... thanks :D

Unknown said...

Woorijip is great, but one of the most under appreciated lunch places in K-town is E-mo, which is a few store fronts down from Woorijip. E-mo is the place that only does kimbap, but for $5 a roll, it's incredibly filling and tasty.