Friday, September 26, 2008

All I Need is a Miracle, All We Need are Some Wins

Please hit the ball!!!

A LOT of things are going on this weekend, a food workshop by one of my favorite places in the city, FIAF, Bubby's Pie Social, and maybe a birthday skee-ball tourney, but only three things will matter to me: the final games of the Mets season. Yes, Brownie, I will be unavailable tonight, tomorrow afternoon, and the majority of Sunday. I may be so inclined to make special Mets-themed goodies, in hopes that we will get a playoff berth! Unfortunately, my last game at Shea came and went, but not without me accomplishing one goal (no, it wasn't making it on the kiss cam!)

Mama's of Corona Field Level

I made it to Mama's. Prior to my game, I left work on time; I caught the express; I went to Gate E where the following ensued:

Blondie: "Can I get to Mama's from here?"
Nice Bag Checker Man: "What?"
Blondie: "I need to go to Mama's? Mama's of Corona?"
Nice Bag Checker Man: "What?"
Blondie: "Field level?"
Young Nice Bag Checker Man: "Yeah, Mama's, yeah. Go on in."
Nice Bag Checker Man: "What?"
Blondie, winking at Young Bag Checker Man: "He knows. Thanks guys."

Yes, the field level is a store front with a good variety of items, both sandwiches available upstairs along with a purely mozzarella vegetarian sandwich. They also have three types of salad: a mozzarella, a Greek-esque with olives and palm hearts, and another that I can't remember. I was distracted by the desserts; I have a one-track mind, sorry folks. They have cannolis done with orange and blue sprinkles, biscotti, tiramisu, tarelles, and a wide variety of cookies.

I will eat the Mets

Including a sugar cookie decorated like a baseball with Mets written on it. The cookie part isn't so bad, like a sugar cookie that really badly wants to be the base for a black and white; it was moist and better than I expected. The sugar icing was way too sweet and the food coloring leeched into my fingertips, but whatever, I was here to watch the game and so should you. Play Ball!

Le Sigh

Oh, how'd this get in there?


Anonymous said...

oooh FIAF event. never heard of that place but the event sounds pretty cool...

Anonymous said...

I said sorry!

roopa said...

I'm going to the game today! Hopefully the Mets won't suck.

I totally forgot about Mama's of Corona - haven't been there in years. I'm going to have to get myself a blue and orange sprinkled cannoli today!

Yvo Sin said...

I did not manage to go to Mama's on the field level. Sad face. Did you try a sandwich? We still must go to the regular place one day!
PS I love him dearly but I do not like that picture of him much.

Siobhan said...

@danny: Some people go to events at French Culinary, some go to 92nd St Y. I'm in the latter group.

@Rudy: I know, you're forgiven.

@roopa: I hope you got the cannoli, one of the few things that could bring a smile at Shea last Sunday.

@Yvo: Oh, you missed out! And he does need to redo that picture.