Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Canadians Can Not be The Best Makers of Bubble Tea!!

Black Milk Bubble Tea!!
It's just not logical. Brownie and I both had bad experiences with bubble tea until our Canada shindig, where we tasted creamy, milky, deliciously sweet bubble tea with soft, chewy tapioca balls. It was a turning point for me; I now understood why every neighborhood kid drank bubble tea once the weather turned, yet I couldn't seem to find good bubbles or teas out by my house. Until I saw this (thanks SE:NY).

Add to that the promise of Hawaiian Shaved Ice, a treat I had as a child, but have not had luck finding some of good quality since, and I was sold. I don't care if it's the end of summer, I will have my bubble tea and drink it to!

What Will I Pick?

First, Sweet Adele's in on the southern fringes of Bayside, in a neighborhood where I literally learned how to drive, and even though they've been there over 20 years, I don't ever remember seeing it. After the rains past and the sun began shining this weekend, I got in the car, turned on the Mets, and flew to Bayside. Sweet Adele's is set up like some Midtown delis, with a regular Lotto counter, some soda refrigerators, and a wall of normal candy products, except for the entire Pocky line! In the back, next to the ice cream (they do have green tea ice cream) is the counter for bubble teas, shaved ice, and their other assorted drinks. I had to thoroughly examine my bubble tea options, and after speaking with them, I decided upon Black Milk Bubble Tea.

It was creamy, milky tealicious! The bubbles were chewy, not hard; the tea wasn't too sweet or bitter. I thoroughly enjoyed my life for next few minutes.

Blue Hawaiian, Mai Tai, and Blood Tiger Shaved Ice

Then we got onto the shaved ice. They had the regular flavors (cherry, etc.), but who wants cherry, when you can have tiger blood?!!! The lady informed me that I could have three flavors (I choose tiger blood, blue Hawaiian, and Mai Tai), and if I so choose, I could have ice cream placed in the middle. Whoa! That's just crazy talk. I resisted, for now. Tiger Blood ended up tasting like cherry, the Blue Hawaiian was blue raspberry, and the Mai Tai was non-alcoholic, but I didn't care! It was icy cool, all of the flavors fell to the bottom and mixed just like I remember them doing when I was a kid; it was the perfect cool treat on a hot summer day.

Sweet Adele's

Now I have to get myself the entire line of Pocky.

Sweet Adele's

73-24 Bell Blvd
Bayside, NY 11364
(718) 479-8282


Anonymous said...

do it! post about the entire line of pocky! it's only right, since you and brownie are the Treats Truck queens. this is right up your alley!

Siobhan said...

Oh it's going to happen soon. If and when I get my iPhone, I want to make the sound from the Japanese Pocky website my ringtone.