Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cupcakes in Vancouver

A couple of months ago I noticed some awesome looking cupcake photos on the Prof's Facebook page. Canadian cupcakes?! Hmmm...

But before we get to the cupcakes let's back this story up a bit. Last week I went to visit the Prof and check out her digs at UBC. I hope the Vancouver airport has plans to speed up their customs process in advance of the Olympics in 2010, because it seriously took me an hour to get through the line.

While waiting I was able to study the "Be Aware, Declare" signs. Apparently someone decided that English speaking individuals are more likely to try to smuggle kielbasa and bonsai trees into the country; while French speakers favor exotic birds and fruit. Who knew?

Oddly enough, I did debate trying to bring the Prof her favorite dried salami from DiVine Taste, but I resisted for fear of retribution and salami theftage by the Mounties. International incident avoided.

Any way, after a hellacious wait in customs where I feared for the No Pudge Fudge brownie mix in my suitcase and endured the 3rd degree from a Canadian Customs agent.

Canadian Customs agent:
What brings you to Canada?
I'm here to visit my best friend.
Canadian Customs agent:
When was your last visit?
Uh. Um. Never? My friend is at UBC in a graduate program.
Canadian Customs agent:
How long has she been here?
A little over a year. But she was in New York last month. (I try to give a winning smile)
Canadian Customs agent:
(giving me a "you are a bad friend glare"): What do you have to declare?
Some cereal. It's the high fiber kind. Oh and a box of brownie mix.
Canadian Customs agent:
Anything ELSE?
Just a dried fruit bar.
Canadian Customs agent:

No "have a nice trip, eh" or nothing. Hmmpf. So far Canadians are not as friendly as I was expecting. As the Québécois would say: C'est la vie.

Any way, after my distressing customs incident and a brief Thai lunch special interlude, we headed straight for the cupcakes place which is known only as Cupcakes.

The bakery was adorable and brightly colored, pleasantly summery. They had platters of tasty looking cupcakes of all sorts of flavors and sizes. After sizing up the offerings I decided to go for variety and ordered 3 mini cupcakes at $1.25 each.

Oooh, mini cupcakes!

Yum! A cupcake trio

I just love mini cuppycakes. Especially because it means I can try new flavors. The mint condition was chocolatey with a hint of mint. Tasty for sure, but it wasn't a transcendent cupcake experience.

Before I ordered The Prof told me that that she wasn't much of a fan of the Mocha cupcake because it didn't have enough of a coffee flavor, but it looked so darn cute, I just couldn't resist and it turned out to be tasty. I loved the espresso bean on top and perhaps the mini cupcake was the ideal form for this kind because can get a little taste of the chocolate covered espresso bean with every bite (all two of them).

My favorite was the mini version of the Carmamella, the Prof's favorite cupcake. Thankfully the mini version doesn't have hazelnuts so it's Brownie safe. The caramel and caramel frosting made for a winning combo with the chocolate cake. The regular size version is actually filled with caramel instead of having a dollop on top, and that sounds amazing. I would love to special order a regular Caramella sans hazelnuts, so I could experience the caramel filling action first hand. Next time!

The Prof ordered the Koo Koo, a coconut cake with cream cheese frosting and coconut on top. She thought it was a bit boring and vowed to go back to the Caramella on her next visit.

Speaking of next visit, before I left Canada we made a second trip to Cupcakes. They didn't have any Caramella's without nuts, so we opted for the Lemon Drop. The cupcake was moist and lemony and the frosting was sweet but not too sweet. It was like Archway's Frosty Lemon Cookie in cupcake form. And that reminds me of my grandma which makes me happy. I would definitely recommend the Lemon Drop to Archway Cookie and lemon fans.

While Cupcakes isn't likely to eclipse Batch as my favorite purveyor of cupcakes, all in all, I was glad I had the chance to stop by. If I find myself in Vancouver again (and I hope I do!) I'll definitely make a return visit!

2887 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC, Canada
(604) 974-1300
Sunday-Friday: 10:00am until 8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am until 9:00pm
*There are also two other Vancouver locations
For more photos from Cupcakes check out our flickr set.

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gagnehgj said...

yay for cupcakes! I have to say though, that this was my favorite part:

"Do you have anything to declare? / Some cereal. It's the high fiber kind."

you're so awesome. "don't take away my cereal! it's the high fiber kind!"