Friday, September 12, 2008

Hydrox are Back!!

I hope they stay forever

I'm beginning to believe Brownie has fallen into a black hole somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, and the only thing that concerns me is what am I going to do for lunch for the rest of my life. Apparently the answer is finding limited edition cookies straight out of my childhood.

Hydrox are Back!

When I heard Hydrox® were making a limited edition return to the market for their 100th Anniversary, I was excited! Personally, I always liked Hydrox® better than Oreos®, as the middle tends to be a little stiffer, not as sweet or granular, and is better amalgamated. Though for years I thought they were just a cheaper knock-off, recently I found out that they debuted a full 4 years earlier. I had been keeping an eye out in the stores, and hadn't seen them until yesterday. It was actually an entire display worth in a normal corner drugstore that I only happened into because I needed tissues (I ended up forgetting to get the tissues, I was so sidetracked.)

I hope they stay forever

So, for those of you as excited as I was, be on the lookout. The packages have most definitely hit the shelves and are available in NYC. From what I hear, if we buy enough of them, they might consider bringing them back forever! Sunshine and love!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of such Hydrox but your excitement for such cookies is arousing my curiousity.
Better than Oreos? Seriously? Now I must find them!!!

Speaking of delicious snacks, please let me know if you ever see Tim Tams(the BEST cookies EVERRRR) in NY. Tuck Shop does not have them and it makes me super sad. :(

Anonymous said...

I bought a package a few weeks ago, left them on the kitchen counter for a day, came back and there was only a third of the cookies left! They are also crunchier, and less sweet than Oreos. Not that I dont like Oreos, I like them both! -=D I was excited when I saw them at my local KeyFoods too!

Brownie said...

HARD ROCKS!!!! (That's what Lil Bobo used to call them. Aw.) Save some for me!

I did fall into a bit of a black hole (of deliciousness!). Much to report as soon as I can get a good internet connection.

Rachel said...

We used to have these for snack at Sunday school because they were kosher and Oreos were not (I've heard a rumor that Oreos have since become kosher). I remember feeling seriously gypped when someone handed me two Hydrox with a juicebox, as if just because I was in first grade I wouldn't know the difference. However I think my palette might be more sophisticated now, and I definitely felt a wave of nostalgia when I saw them in the grocery store (in California!) the other day. May have to pick up a pack!