Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I, For One, Welcome New Cupcake Establishments

Madison Avenue Crumbs

In fact, if there was cake and frosting in miniature form every few blocks in New York, I'd be the proverbial pig. Yes, this is my response to this, this, this, and this. And the latest Crumbs gives me a new reason to celebrate October.

First off, cupcakes are not the next Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme has come and went during the cupcake craze. Will some shops shut down due to over saturation? That's inevitable. But the ease of buying and eating just one cupcake will keep the rest open. Have you ever tried to eat one piece of cake on the go? It doesn't work so well. This reminds me of an interesting comment Brownie and I overheard at the Edible Manhattan launch. While I was stuffing my face with treats from Doughnut Plant, a woman turned to her companion and stated, "doughnuts are the new cupcake." A girl can only dream.

BTW, the new Crumbs is opening in October at 501 Madison Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets. I will keep my ear to the ground? Nose to the grindstone? Try to be there opening day to eat pumpkin cupcakes? Yes, that last one.

If you can't wait, Crumbs is located throughout Manhattan, in East Hampton, and Los Angeles.


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Anonymous said...

oooh donuts are the new cupcake huh? i guess it seemed that way at the edible manhattan party :P not that many donut shops around the city though...