Friday, September 5, 2008

ING Cafe in Midtown: High Interest Rates & Cheap Lattes...

I've often wandered by the ING cafe on 49th Street and wondered what it was all about. It's so cute...and so orange. One of my co-workers swears by it and since she is wise in everything she does, I figured I should check it out. With Blondie and FREE beverage(!) coupons in tow, this week we made our first of what I expect to be many pilgrimages...

I found a coupon online for a free first beverage at the ING cafe. And I was impressed that when we went to redeem it, the coupon 1) worked and 2) was good for any beverage. Blondie and I each got skim lattes which were quite delicious. The ING cafe brews Peets Coffee which gets much love from my West Coast friends and I can see why.

The cafe itself is even more adorable and orange inside--down to the bright orange cups and straws. LOVE it. And how can you resist free wi-fi? The barista asked me if I had a savings account with ING, which I don't. She was nice and not hard sales about it. Looking at their rates and offers, I'm actually thinking about it. They have very competitive rates on savings accounts with no minimum balance requirements.

Free Wi-Fi

We arrived at around 1:00pm and they had a small selection of pastries--not sure if they have more in the earlier hours of the day--but Blondie and I passed on them because we had other lunch plans. We'll have to make a return trip to try their black and white cookies which looked good. Overall I was really pleased with our experience and even without the coupon their prices are good. $3.00 buys you either a 16oz or 20oz latte...that's less than the price of a "tall" (aka 12 oz) latte at Starbys and more than $1 less than a 16 oz Starbucks grande.

The Pastries at ING

ING Cafe Menu

In addition to excellent coffee and free wi-fi they also run free financial seminars. Learn what to do with the extra cash you save on your coffee at their next seminar on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 6:00PM.

ING Direct Cafe
45 E. 49th Street, between Madison and Park Avenues
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7AM to 6PM..
Telephone: 866-692-2233


DV said...

Hello Blondie & Brownie! I'm a grad student doing research on ING Cafe. Just curious, did you buy any of the retail items available in the cafe? Why, or why not? Many thanks!

Brownie said...

Just coffee. Their mugs and other items were enticing, but all I was really after was the coffee. Even though I didn't purchase any other products I would definitely say that the space (and the coffee) impressed me and left and overall favorable impression.

DV said...

Many thanks for your comments and impressions!