Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let's Pretend I Work at Sterling Cooper

Outside of PJ Clarkes

Here are some things our loyal readers know 1) I like burgers, 2) I like stalking people, and 3) I work in advertising. Therefore when Adam Kuban and Zach went to PJ Clarkes, a famous restaurant featured on Mad Men, it was a must that I follow their lead soon after. So when a friend of mine, BMT, suggested going for lunches, I couldn't resist.

PJ Clarkes Weekly Specials

To me, the interior was wonderful and reminded me of the places my family went to when I was but a wee lass. There's a full bar, a raw bar, only a few TVs quietly showing the local game, checkered tablecloths, small tables, and menus on chalkboards. The crowd is supposedly very Midtown East-based, finance, advertising, UN, etc., and the wait is notoriously long; we went the Thursday before Labor Day, while it was crowded, we were seated immediately. Looking at the specials, I believe it's only a matter of time before Brownie and I make return visits, especially for the short rib sandwich and po boy.

Interior of PJ's Cheeseburger

I ordered a regular cheeseburger;

PJ's Cadillac

while B decided to try the Cadillac (bacon and cheese);

Home Fries Close Up

and we got home fries to share.

Pricey for a burger, but you're in Midtown and it's quite comparable to Burger Joint's prices nowadays. The bun to burger ratio was pleasing, no bite didn't have good amount of both. It was juicy, but not overwhelmingly so leading to a soggy, soaked bottom bun. The meat is moist, had a good char, and tender; Adam thought it a bit too salty, but I was fine with the seasoning. The bacon appeared a bit on the soggy side, and might stand to be broiled, but B didn't complain so I'm assuming it was fine. The home fries were a winner, the potato wedges were still intact, with no fancy frou-frou ingredients, just some bits of onion. These were quite possible the best home fries I've had in the North and I completely anticipate returning for brunch to have some.

PJ Clarkes
915 3rd Avenue (there are also three other locations in Manhattan)
(212) 317-1616

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Yvo Sin said...

Wicked.. this place has been on my list for ages (since Mona of Mona's Apple blogged about it) and I've been pressing to go there lately... weird. Must go! I wonder if all of their locations are consistent, I walk by the WTC-area one a lot.
(Especially wonder if they have the same specials... I want to go every day of the week for that specials board!)