Monday, September 29, 2008


This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in Bubby's 5th Annual Brooklyn Pie Social and I baked my very first pie completely from scratch...

I've always been very intimidated by pies. The crust! The crust! It has to be light. And buttery. And flakey. And perfect. So, I'll admit...I've cheated. I've been assisted by a Doughboy and an Keebler Elf. But on Sunday morning, hours before the Pie Social, I rolled out my very first crust and assembled my first pie from scratch. An Apple Gruyere Pie inspired by Pushing Daisies from a recipe I found on this awesome blog.

I have more dough and will be making this pie again with a few slight variations for my wee Pushing Daisies premiere party on Wednesday, so I'll leave the detailed recipe commentary until then, but suffice it to say, my first pie turned out quite well. The Gruyere was a nice counterpoint to the sweetness and tartness of the apples. The crust was flakey and browned nicely and apples held up inside.

Of course one of the wonderful things about the Pie Social was tasting everyone else's pies. My $10 entry fee bought me 5 tasting tickets which was more than ample--I shared all my slices with friends.

There was a big group of students from the Food and Finance High School. And those kids made some excellent pies. Including probably the most creative combination, a Duck and Concord Grape Pie that was actually quite tasty. The pie included real pieces of Duck meat (and a fair amount of it) smothered with a Concord Grape filling. Very unique. Definitely not a combo I would have thought up myself.

Some other pies we tried...

A Black Bean and Guacamole Pie with a Corn Chip Crust

A Mixed Berry Pie

A Cheddar, Tomato and Basil Pie

Espresso Cheesecake Pie

I sold out of all but two slices of my pie which I traded in my own tickets to bring slices back to Lawman and my Serious Eats buddy, Erin Zimmer. At the end we all got these excellent blue ribbons for participating. I think I'll put mine on my refrigerator. Pie mission success!

And now I'm off to find the piemobile...


Kelli said...

YEAH for you! great job. I think when I think of pies I think sweet fruity or cream pies but not those others. ALTHOUGH maybe if I wasnt "thinking" pie, they did sound good.

Anonymous said...

that's a good looking pie! and i couldn't wake up early enough for that piemobile... sad

Katie said...

That looks like such a fun event! I wish they did things like that where I live!