Monday, September 22, 2008

The Quarantine Files: Casa de Blondie

Roast Pork Udon Soup

Blondie Mommsie and I spent the entire weekend cursing the changing weather. By the end of last week, both of us developed our semi-annual colds that come with the equinox season changes. Around midday Friday, with disease ravaging my poor defenseless body, I stumbled to Oriental Noodle Shop for my Asian elixir of life, roast pork udon soup.

Elixir for the Sick & Weak

OK, so maybe I stopped at the Treats Truck first, but that walk took everything out of me and I contemplated going home early from work. I had been thinking about this soup since this post and Zach's asked me a few times about it since then. I discovered Oriental Noodle during a rainy, cold spring day, when I intended to go to Hop Won and mistakenly walked into the super-crowded Oriental Noodle. The inside is laid out like an old time deli, with a long bar with round stools and a small eating area in the back. I love that they have chickens in the window, and added bonus to take-out there is you get to be mesmerized by the cutting down and gutting process.

Salty Pork Udon Soup

I find the broth is flavorful and salty, just what one needs when sick. The pork is a little fatty and greasy, don't be surprised if you find whole piece of just fat. I've only had the udon (they offer a number of different noodle types), and it's always been fresh. All in all, this is quite a meal for $7 (don't pay attention to the prices on their website,) and much better than many other Midtown soup joints. In fact, a coworker of mine went to one of those chain soup places, got about 1/4 of the amount I did for the same price, and didn't even like it. She then watched me slurp down udon. These pictures don't really do the soup justice, since just like Sapporo, they present it better when eating in the shop.

Oriental Noodle Shop
135 East 45th Street, between Lexington and 3rd
(212) 697-2353 or (212) 697-2125

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