Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking on the Treats Truck One Treat at a Time: Pecan Butterscotch Bar (Blondie)

Pecans and Butterscotch

Yay for treats on any day ending in 'y' especially Friday!! Midtown got a quadruple chance to pick up treats last week, and I took advantage of a Brownie-less Friday to pick up a nutty treat. But the Treats Truck showing up on a Friday wasn't the only surprise waiting for me, Kim has added onto her offerings...

Fun Dip!!

If the sugar high from the baked goods isn't enough, you can keep it going all night long (all night..all night..all night...I love Lionel) with candy!! Kim let me know that she would sometimes offer candy at special events, and she recently decided to make it a regular offering off the truck.

Treats Truck Now Has Candy

I personally blame the candy necklace with a certain bad fidgety habit of mine, but I will always eat them and Fun Dips. Let's just all take a second and think about what an experience the conecake would be if mixed with Pop Rocks®. Wow, I love when I blow my own mind.

Treats Truck Latest Conecake Offerings

Speaking of conecakes, Kim is still offering all six different flavor combinations.

Mmm, Pecan Butterscotch Blondie

Onto the treat: I actually saved this treat for an after-dinner snack since I knew my nephew was coming over and I wanted to get a child's opinion one of these days. He loved it. The bar is sticky and moist; a good amount of dark brown sugar or molasses is in here, and that compliments the pecans quite well. This is a good bar to pick if you want a bar, but not a chocolate brownie (aka a blondie!!) I wish there were a bit more pecans throughout as opposed to just on top, and a little more of the butterscotch flavor too. I would love to have one of these at the bottom of a hot fudge sundae. Speaking of which, I think I may be jonesing for a butterscotch sundae. There was a place in Durham, NC that my family used to go to that had a turtle sundae with three scoops of ice cream, butterscotch, caramel, hot fudge and toasted pecans. Oh sweet heavens. Brownie! Mission in order!!

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Anonymous said...

damn, y'all are troupers. mission to NC for sundaes? craaazy, i can barely get to Flushing!

Rachel said...

Wait, wait, wait...$2 for candy buttons!?!?

Brownie said...

Road trip! Road trip! Road. Trip. :)