Sunday, September 28, 2008

Travels With Brownie: Sunday Morning Coming Down…

Last weekend, on my flight back from Kansas City I had a layover in Cincinnati. All weekend long we’d driven past a number of Chick-fil-a’s that looked darn tempting, especially due to the scarcity of Chick-fil-a’s in the city. When I discovered I’d have a long layover in Cincinnati on the way home, I clung to the faint hope that there might be a Chick-fil-a lunch in my future.

Alas, there is indeed a Chick-fil-a in Terminal 3 at the Cincinnati airport, but since it was a Sunday, this Chick-fil-a (like all its Chick-fil-a brethren) was closed.

Fortunately I remembered a little gchat exchange I had with my dad during my layover on the way to Kansas…

hi dad!
Are you still at the airport in Cincinnati? If so go to Gold's and have a "3-way chile" ("Chili" topped with mooshy spaghetti topped with shredded cheddar cheese). Yum! It was fun! I'll click on your blog now
yes. i'm in cincinnati. where in the airport is gold's? i have 2 hours until my flight.
Then you can get 4-way chili (with onions on top the cheese)! And a pack of tic-tacs for the benefit of your row-mates on the next plane.

Coicidentally right across from the closed Chick-fil-a was a Gold Star Chili. Was this a sign?

Now I don’t eat the beefs, so much of their menu, including their original chili wasn’t anything for me, but then I noticed that they serve Veggie Chili. I could try the famous Cincinnati treat! Huzzah!

I ordered up a veggie 3 way (chili, spaghetti, and cheese) with onions. Which I guess technically should have 4 way, but whatever, I just did what the lady told me to.

As I took my little tray to the table a passed an elderly couple chowing down on their 3 ways. The pasta and chili were all mixed up together (and it didn’t look terribly delicious) and they added oyster crackers on top…oyster crackers, chili, and pasta. I already have a hard time trusting people who put chili on their pasta, but oyster crackers too? But, I’d already paid for my chili concoction so there was no turning back now.

Taking my first bite, it actually wasn’t too bad (that’s the benefit of extremely .low expectations). The pasta certainly wasn’t al dente by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn’t as mushy as I was expecting. For vegetarian chili it was pretty good. A nice mix of black beans, kidney beans and lima beans, little chunks of carrots and corn. And the cheese helped. Cheese always helps. The onions were a bit much and a bit strong (Dad wasn't kidding about those tic tacs). Ultimately I decided against adding the oyster crackers and I still feel good about that decision. If you're in the Cincinnati Airport waiting for a your next flight in Terminal 3, Gold Star Chili is worth trying at least once. They also serve the chili over fries. Mmm...chili cheese fries. Now that's something I could get behind!

Gold Star Chili
Greater Cincinnati Intl Airport
Delta Terminal 3
Councourse B, Space B-027
Hebron, KY 41048

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Yvo Sin said...

I guess chili over spaghetti is a totally Cincinatti thing eh?