Friday, September 19, 2008

Yes, Manhattan is Very Esculent.

One of the bands
As you read yesterday, Brownie and I headed down to the Old Fulton Fish Market for the Edible Manhattan Launch Partay. If there are promises of cheese, doughnuts, and oysters, rest assured the two of us will divide and conquer.

This ended up being a night of firsts, my first taste of Doughnut Plant, the first lox I ever liked, and our joint first experience with the Van Leeuwen Truck! We leave no truck unturned!!

Katchkie Farms Iced Tea
Where to begin? Why, let's begin at the beginning. After check-in, we walked along the South Street side, stopping by Katchkie to say "Hello!" and taste their refreshing new Basil Peppermint Iced Tea.

Doughnut Plant
We quickly moved over to the Front Street Side, the center of the action, as I wanted doughnuts and wine, while Brownie wanted oysters. Doughnut Plant brought a wonderful collection of doughnuts for me to try, Coconut Creme, Raspberry, Toasted Almond, Tres Leches, and the Blackout. Brownie and I both feel a little in love with the Coconut Creme, the coconut flavor just right, and the creamy creme inside is delicious. Seeing as the Joe in Grand Central has this doughnut quite often, I think I may be gaining a size or two.

Murray's Cheese
While Brownie took pictures, I ran inside a little room for some Long Island wines and cheese from Murray's. The selection was big and I didn't take notes, but the chevre was melt in your mouth creamy.

Russ & Daughters Lox Bagels
Growing up, my mother would always try to force lox down my throat, but I would only rarely eat it (I can remember 5 times that I'm eaten a lox bagel!) So when Brownie saw Russ & Daughters and started eating a lox bagel, at first I passed on this. Then I took a bite for kicks. And my mouth said "Hold the phone! What is this?" It was tender, a little fishy but in a nice fresh way, and good. It was really, really good. I might have to eat it on a regular basis good. I promptly told the ladies from Russ & Daughters what they just did to my mouth, which prompted an open invitation to come for a tasting of the different types of salmon, and I might go fairly soon. This development completely blew my mom's world.

Van Leeuwen Truck
By this point, a truck that has eluded capture was on Front St. staring us down. Danny told us that the ice cream was free for the taking. There have been mixed reviews of the Van Leeuwen ice cream, some say delicious, some say icy. Brownie got a ginger scoop and I went for mint chip. She says hers was creamy and delicious. While I like the minty taste, I found it to be a little on the icy side, not freezer burn icy, but I definitely did taste?/feel?/detect?/crunch? ice crystals, and I've had creamier. Not that I didn't eat it all because I did, but that's more due to my life-long love affair with ice cream than anything else.

Pulled Pork and Ribs
Let's see, what else was there? Pork: pulled pork was much better than the ribs (psst, shhh, I think my ribs were better. I'm just sayin'.)

Blondie's Double Fisted
Manhattans: My batch seemed to have a touch too much of bitters, but someone I know liked them a whole lot!!

Vere Chocolates
Vere Chocolate: Vere dark (75%), but vere good, even though I didn't taste the peanut butter flavor in the peanut butter and chocolate brownie bar.

Cop meet doughnut
And last, but certainly not least, cops eating doughnuts.

Raw Oysters
Oh, and Brownie liked her raw oyster. Or so she said.

Edible Manhattan is available all over Manhattan.
Find a copy here.


Cakespy said...

Gosh, I swear that guy with the guitar went to Pratt with me! I might be wrong but...oh well, my attention span was diverted by the doughnuts and chocolate :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm finding this post super late but I feel like I wanted to maybe bring some light to your experience with the Van Leeuwen ice cream. Those "ice crystals" you experienced were probably the deliciously crunchy Michel Cluizel chocolate shavings. Hope you continue to enjoy!

Siobhan said...

@Anon: Except I got the currants and cream, no chocolate shavings to speak of. I think it had to do with the moisture in the currants freezing.