Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"You Want Some Ribs."

Ed Mitchell suggests Blondie might want some ribs

AKA the only words Ed Mitchell of Mitchell's BBQ ever needed to say to me to make me putty in his hands. Now that summer's over, there is no need to stop eating BBQ, or perfecting your BBQ methods. My whole life I have been quite reluctant to grill or cook meat, that is until I learned about the slow and low method from various sources, including Danny. I did my research which consisted of studying every ribs/BBQ recipe I've come across all summer along with observing this cooking process, and when I felt completely confidant, I went in.

Slab of RIbs

First up, a trip to the grocery store. I picked up a jar of Thicker Style Bone Suckin' Sauce and beer, while Brownie and Lawman recommended getting pork spareribs instead of baby back ribs.

Southern Dry Rub

I chose to make my rub, the Southern Barbecue Dry Rub from Joy of Cooking, while using the actual roasting (this is roasting, right?) instructions from this Serious Eats: Talk thread combined with knowledge inferred from my said research.

Rub meets Ribs

I massaged the ribs with the rub the night before, placed in a plastic bag, stuck them in the fridge, and forgot about them.

Getting ready for the oven

Prior to entering my 325ºF oven, I placed the ribs in a tin foil tent with 1 cup of the sauce and one bottle of beer (Sam Adams Octoberfest for this one). I set my timer for three hours, thinking that I may have to baste around then and cook a little more, before having to place them on the grill for some crisping.

Ribs from other angle

Three hours later, pass giving the ribs some structure, the bones had been rendered useless; a slight pull and the bone slid right out, leaving behind succulent meat. There would be no turning nor placing on the grill. The rub turned out to be quite spicy, close to my personal spice threshold. The ribs were in high demand around a table full of guys, and I must say this was a success. I want to play around with the spice proportions in the rub, and experimenting with the different sauce and beer combinations; exercises I will look forward to doing in the warmth of my house during the bitter NY cold.

Pork Sandwich

Oh, and I had just enough leftovers to make a delicious pork sandwich the next night. I love piggies.

Southern Barbecue Dry Rub from Joy of Cooking, 75th Anniversary Edition (2006)
2 cups
Stir together well:
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup sweet or hot paprika
1/4 cup chili powder
2 tablespoons ground red pepper
2 tablespoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground mace
1/4 cup salt (Blondie note: I actually only put in a few shakes of salt due to household dietary restrictions.)
1/4 cup cracked black peppercorns (If you can't find in the store, take whole black peppercorns, place in a few plastic bags, and start smashing. It's fun and a good way to get out aggression.)

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THAT LOOKS SO GOOD!! gah! Now I want to have a pork obsession in addition to a hamburger one... damn you blondie!! ;)