Thursday, October 2, 2008

45 years of Amazin' and WTF Mets, W.T.F?!


I hoped, I prayed, I baked, but it was to no avail. There's always next year, and at least we'll have better food. Fall has officially arrived here in New York, putting me in the mood for pumpkin, apples, and squash. For my not-so-lucky Mets celebration, I chose to try pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with vanilla-almond cream cheese frosting.

On the Inside

Pumpkin and chocolate chip are a tried-and-true combination with me, so for these, I just took a random pumpkin cake recipe and added mini chocolate chips. I know, very technical. Not surprisingly, it didn't work out so well. The top layer wouldn't bake for the life of them, so I would check every few minutes for I don't know how long. These may have been in the over 20 or 30 minutes total; I really have no clue. I'm going to work on this recipe and have a redo. The result was a little under baked top 10% of the cupcake, the other 90% was done and moist though. I got fist pumps for the deliciousness.

The frosting was good, but not what I wanted either. I basically just added in 1 1/2 teaspoons of almond extract to a regular cream cheese frosting. It wasn't thick enough, a little too runny, but it did taste good. Definitely perfecting this in the future as well.


Yvo Sin said...

WTF indeed. =(

roopa said...

I second (rather, third) that WTF. I can't tell you how much it sucked to be at that last game ever at Shea this past Sunday.

That said, I admire your loyalty in that you went so far as to frost your cupcakes in the colors of our beloved (and retarded) team.

Let's go Mets. Sigh.

Hey, at least there will be a Shake Shack at Citifield. So even if the Mets suck AGAIN, I can get myself a mushroom burger and custard to drown my sorrows.

Brownie said...

Aw, Blondie. Sorry about your Mets. Pretty frosting; even if it's Brownie proof.