Friday, October 17, 2008

All Shake Shack, All The Time


Love is blind (to lines). Love knows no boundaries (my arteries are clogging from all this custard). Love current mental state when it comes to Shake Shack.

PSA, darlings: Today is the ABSOLUTE LAST day of Shacktoberfest. As of 11pm tonight, you'll have to wait until next year to get the following items:

Polish Sausage

Polish Sausage with Cranberry Horseradish Relish and Shackmeister-braised Red Cabbage (eh, really good for a nice hot dog)

Cran-Apple Strudel Concrete

Cran-Apple Strudel Concrete (I failed to taste the apple half of the equation, would be great for Thanksgiving too; hint, hint, wink, wink)

German Chocolate Cake Concrete

German Chocolate Cake Concrete (mmm, whole walnuts, tasty coconut, chocolate. May have been better with real pieces of, oh I don't know, chocolate cake, but still delicious)

Pumpkin Pie Concrete

In other Shack news, the Pumpkin Pie Oh-MY! will be available almost every day through at least the end of the month and maybe through to the end of the year. I had also been wondering, in all the UWS Shack Shake news, if they would deviate on custard calendars. A quick look on the new website says no. There are also now three new concretes to try out, the Upper West Slide, Natural History "Crunch-stellation", and Shacky Road. Oh, and new wines too. Now can someone go and cut down that branch obscuring the Shack cam? If anyone will watch my back, I do have a saw and I'm not afraid to use it.

Shake Shack
SE corner of Madison Square Park (Madison Ave and 23rd Street)

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