Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blondie's Head Over Heels For Custard

October Custard Calendar

I can't stop myself, out of control. I've always had my eye on the Shake Shack custards, and have tasted some of their revolving custards, but unless a certain flavor has caught my eye (nod to coffee & donuts and red velvet), I hadn't given them much thought. I'm there for the Shackburger, not dessert. This month, pancake caught my eye early and while I was enjoying that, a funny thought ran across my mind.

"What if someone ate each custard offering? I could be wrong, but I've never heard of anyone doing that. What if one of the 'eh' flavors is unbelievable, and no one knows?"
The race was on, to try each one and not gain 5 pounds in the process. May I present to you, the October Shack Shake Custard Calendar:

Mon Pumpkin Spice
Monday-Pumpkin Spice
Very spicy, filled with nutmeg, cloves and mace, the trio that can overwhelm any cinnamon. Thick and creamy, this easily puts you in the mood for autumn.

German Chocolate Custard
Tuesday-German Chocolate
Very subtle caramel undertones, and a little chalky.

Wed Apple Rosemary
Wednesday-Apple Rosemary
Rosemary flavor completely overwhelms any apple taste. If you love rosemary, you'll love this.

Pancake Custard
Tasted more like honey or light maple syrup than pancake but bacon is making an appearance as a topping. There is a little crunch that could be hard maple sugar or candy.

Fri Custard
Friday-Chocolate Candied Corn
Creamy regular chocolate custard, almost like soft-serve with a milky aftertaste. The candied corn is waxy though.

Cinnamon Roasted Fig
Saturday-Cinnamon Roasted Fig
Fruity and sweet with a nice cinnamon kick. It's tan with flecks of cinnamon.

Oct 08 Sun Shiraz Pear
Sunday-Shack Shiraz Poached Pear
Another fruity custard, but the sweetness was more subtle here. You can taste the Shiraz, it was almost like wine ice cream over a poached pear.

Along with Shacktoberfest, I also got to try limited time only concretes...

Apple n' Honey Cake Concrete
Apple & Honey Cake

Wonderful chunks of apple and honey cake. The cake tasted like honeycomb, which I love.

Wed 10 22 Concrete
Warm Cran-Apple Concrete

Of course, the warm compote started melting everything right away. The compote was tart and way too sweet for me, but if you mixed everything together, it was edible, tart and sweet, but edible.

Favorite of the month: Pumpkin Spice (Shake Shiraz Poached Pear is a close second)

Major Fail of the month: (tie) Apple Rosemary and Warm Cran-Apple Concrete

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park AND 366 Columbus Ave (at 77th Street)
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roopa said...

Someone loves custard! I had the Pumpkin Spice last Monday which was great, except for the fact that there was a TON of cinnamon in it and that's all I could taste. But the texture was wonderful - egg yolks make everything tasty!

I wish I got myself over there today for the Fig custard, but seems like the Shiraz-Pear is good - I might have to make a trip tomorrow!

I wonder what the November flavors will be...

Anonymous said...

goodness gracious that's a lot of custard.

i tried that shiraz one and it was... um, interesting. the candy corn version looks like fun though.

Brownie said...

Oh, Pumpkin Spice. I do love you so.