Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cupcakes and the City, That We Can Get Behind

New Cuppycakes from Crumbs

Last week I spotted the special Sex and the City Cosmo cupcake still on sale at Crumbs. Not being a SATC fan, I hadn't paid much mind to the DVD (or movie) release, but I do pay extra special attention to cupcakes flavored like mixed alcoholic drinks.

Cosmo Cupcake from Crumbs

The special Cosmo cupcakes were only supposed to be on sale during the week of September 22nd, but, according to the counter person at the 42nd Street location, popular demand has kept the flavor on the menu. I stopped by this morning and they are still selling them, but it's any one's guess how long they will be available. The raspberry cake is topped by lime cream cheese frosting, rimmed by pink sugar; the absence of vodka or Triple Sec makes me sad, but I'll take it. Brownie and I didn't taste the raspberry in the cake; it was more like vanilla cake tinted pink, but we LOVED the frosting and pink sugar. The sour, tangy, and sweet tasted superb together, definitely a combination that I want to see more of.

Crumbs Mint Choco Cupcake

While picking up the Cosmo, I noticed a chocolate cake cupcake, with green frosting and chocolate chips. It had no sign, and I'd never heard of Crumbs selling mint chocolate chip cupcakes, what this appeared to be; it's not even on the menu. "What is this one here? The one with no sign?" "That's mint chocolate chip." "No! One of those too."

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake-1

Minty, chocolatey goodness! The cake was pure moist chocolate cake with a creamy chocolate filling, while the frosting held all the mint flavor. Since Crumbs' cupcakes are so big and they give you ample frosting, if you portion your frosting right, you can have some frosting with each bite of cake. If the cake held mint flavor too, the entire thing could easily be overwhelmed with mint, but since it doesn't, it strikes just the right mint-chocolate balance. The chocolate chips are just an added bonus to the whole thing. This has definitely surpassed all the other Crumbs' in my mind and is now my favorite from them. I can only hope they're giving some out on October 25th!

Crumbs Bake Shop


Yvo Sin said...

I LOVE mint chocolate almost-anything!!! *mmm*

Brownie said...

Mmmmm. Me, too!