Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm on a Mission, and I'm Wishin' For Some Dumplings

Rickshaw, in Midtown!

I've been curious about Kenny Lao and his dumplings ever since watching him look for the restaurant's space (what was the name of that show? Did anyone else see it?) Yet, as we all know, I can't pass up Shake Shack for dumplings. I don't care if they're made of chocolate, gold, and fairy dust; in my world, there's only one restaurant on 23rd Street. Plus, I avoid NYU at all costs, so that location's out too.

Pork & Chives Dumplings Offering

So color me intrigued when I heard that Kenny was taking Rickshaw on the road. I have to say, I haven't heard good reviews of Kenny and Anita's dumplings, but Midtown is a dumpling wasteland, so any dumplings, even average dumplings, are welcome dumplings. Maybe. Depending on who you ask. But I wanted dumplings, and they were there, and I went. I got the pork and chives.

Insides of Pork & Chives Dumpling

$6 (or 4 shares of Fannie Mae) poorer, I had 6 dumplings. Only 6. They went fast. I was hitting up the vending machine by 3. What can I say? I'm fat and need more than 6 dumplings to keep me alive through the afternoon. The insides were crunchy and tasted fresh, but it could definitely benefit from tastier pork and more of it. You NEEDED to dip each bite in the sauce, otherwise it tasted too bland for even me. The seal was too thick and big for my liking.

Was I born to love these? No. Did they appease my dumpling craving? Yes. Will I get these again? Probs. I'm a sucker for a big truck.

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
2 Locations: West 23rd Street and East 8th Street
Follow their truck's Twitter here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this for us, I passed it yesterday but already had lunch in hand. I'm also a sucker for truckmuck to say nothing of dumpling so I'll indulge at some point (hopefully after they read this and refine the product).

Yeah, you're fat like I have couth.

Little typo there "think"="thick"

Anonymous said...

man, i wish those $1 places in ctown would come up here... they would clean up even if they tripled their prices to $3 for 5.

I have a thing against Asians who try to elevate Asian food but instead just elevate the prices and not my enjoyment level.

Yvo Sin said...

Dude, those look just like the frozen dumplings you can get at Asian supermarkets. I forget where I went once where the inside ("meatwad" as roboppy calls 'em) was soooooo deliciously tasty, but the seam was super thick and tough and uhhh not cooked through (that's how thick it was!), so I was biting off the seam and just eating the inside meat and part of the skin =X
Oh wait maybe that was the frozen kind. That doesn't sound like something I'd do in a restaurant. I think.

Anonymous said...

This makes me a little/lot sad. I love me some dumplings, but don't think I will be shelling out $6 for 6 subpar dumplings. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Rickshaw dumplings are nasty! So's the watermelon juice!

And Shake Shack is WAY ovverrated! I should know---I live right next to it!

Anonymous said...

The show was on MTV and it showed him pitching his business plan while he was in Bschool right?

I remember he was saying he was going to sell dumplings to the B+T that he makes fun of or something along those lines.

Siobhan said...

@sd-they ain't refining anything. My dislikes are quite common.

@danny-all the more reason to move our jobs downtown. And then we can lunch with Daniel.

@Yvo-I don't think these were frozen, the insides were too crunchy, but the seams are definitely too big. Either give me more filling or cut down your squares.

@lc-You work on the orange lines, it's more worth your time and money to hop on the express downtown. I did it every now and then when I was there.

@anon-you take that back about Mr. Meyer and his meat. so, you live in one of those tree huts?

@larry-oh, it probably was on MTV. I'm an MTV-aholic to this day. Oh man, I got some youtubeing to do.

Anonymous said...

i ate here last night! the one on 8th st, because i go to nyu and live right across the street in weinstein. the thai basil chicken dumplings were so fucking delicious, except you're right, six dumplings is not enough for a meal.

Melissa Good Taste said...

Love your blog! I am new to food blogging but have came across some really great ones! Keep up the great work... I will check back often!!

Unknown said...

psst, if you want good dumpling here is a secret. Ride the R,V,G subway to elmhurst ave. before 5 ave. in front of the Asia bank, there will be selling a street cart that sells dumplings that will sell for 4 piece for 1 dollar and 9 piece for 2 dollars.