Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Belgium, They Have a Neutral Halloween

Leonidas Halloween Offerings

For me, it's easy to forget that Halloween isn't just an American holiday, it's celebrated the world over, even in Belgium. Let's take a second to think about a Belgian trick-or-treater's chocolate booty when they come home Halloween night....yeah, I want to move there too, or buy some Leonidas chocolates.

Leonidas Marzipan Pumpkin

When my city uncle would come visit us heathens out in Queens, he'd often bring special ritzy gifts; when we were lucky, those gifts consisted of goodies from Leonidas or Fauchon. He knew this would win him the "favorite uncle" award. Leonidas has another important distinction in my life; one of their shops in Bruges is the home of the best 'melt in your mouth' chocolate truffle I have ever had in my entire life. Those 12 truffles didn't last long, in fact 6 of them didn't make it back to Paris. To this day, when I pass by Leonidas on Madison Avenue and have time to drop in, I do, longing for those truffles. And yesterday, that's just what I did. Though the truffles were nowhere to be seen, I spotted the cutest little Halloween marzipan treats, a pumpkin, white and orange ghosts, and a chocolate with a ghost and jack o' lantern design.


The funny part of marzipan treats and myself is that I always believe their cuteness with make them taste delicious, then I eat one, and feel tricked! The almonds are out to get me too, Brownie! The pumpkin and ghost were pure marzipan, while the chocolate was the Carre Orange (marzipan with candied orange peel). Worth the $6 I paid? No, not at all, but they made me smile and if I had to decorate a nice dessert this week, I'd definitely pick some up. And some chocolates.

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Brownie said...

So sad when treats don't live up to their adorable looks.

ani said...

did fauchon ever relocate from the drake hotel? :(