Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Like Us...Celebrity Cupcake Sale


Celebrities love cupcakes, too! And yesterday they were selling them on the street corner in Midtown...

Monday, Brownie read on Cupcakes Take the Cake that Khloe Kardashian had posted on her blog that there was going to be a "celebrity bake sale for charity tomorrow, Tuesday, October 7! There will be 8 celebrities selling cupcakes for charity including yours truly!!" The details on Ms. Kardashian's blog were vague to say the least. But we figured it would be worth checking out.


Turns out the bake sale was a task for the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. We went hunting for said "celebs" and found them and their cupcake truck (not to be confused with the New Haven Cupcake Truck or the mysterious Cassie's Cupcakes Truck) near Radio City. It was kind of a mob scene and yet not really--in this pre-Christmas Spectacular time we don't think the north corner of 51st street and 6th ave is the best corner to draw a crowd, unless hurried Midtowners is what you're looking for. Still it took us a few minutes to get our bearings in terms of what the heck was going on.'s for Celebrity Apprentice. What? You're trying to sell more cupcakes than Dennis Rodman? Where is Dennis Rodman? He's a celebrity that I actually know...


After some discussion with Annie Duke and some other random celeb (might have been Claudia Jordan) or production assistant, Blondie was suckered into buying a $5 cupcake, while they refused to take Brownie $2 ("Honey, we can sell this whole tray for $5,000") Brownie noticed a familiar looking, rather petite, mask like face. "Blondie, is that a drag queen or Joan Rivers?" "That would be Joan Rivers, darling. Wait, did I just help her team? I want to help her team! This cupcake doesn't look so delicious."

So here's the $7 cupcake. The verdict: It sucked. Sucked in the way that you might expect a cupcake that was possibly made by a celebrity to suck. We're hoping that the celebrities made those cupcakes because they were downright fugly and dry. We actually can abide by a fugly cupcake, but a dry, flavorless one, no thanks.


At least the money went to charity. The business dorks in us are curious which team is going to come out on top in this challenge. Sounds like team Rodman and his peeps were in Times Square selling their goods for way more than $5.

Joan Rivers in the Cupcake Truck!

Seeing Joan Rivers in pink hawking those cupcakes surrounded by drag queens Brownie couldn't help but flashback to that classic moment from Muppets Take Manhattan when Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy were unsuccessfully hawking perfume and she decides to give Miss Piggy a makeover complete with cheekbones and eyebrows and doe eyes and freckles! So awesome...

Speaking of cupcake bake sales, we're most likely going to be attending the next Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup on October 19 (the same weekend as the Vendys!). This month, the wonderful women of CCTTC are going to be having a cupcake sale at the Brooklyn Flea as a fundraiser for Cancer Care's Cupcakes for a Cause week. More info here (the official CCTTC Meetup page); if you can't attend, click here for a list of participating bakeries or how to do your very own bake sale. Hope to see you there!


Yvo Sin said...

Love how the person holding the hideous cupcake is holding an apple in the other hand to offset the cupcake, right? ;)

Siobhan said...

HA! no, i was holding Brownie's half-eaten apple so that she could take a picture. I offset the cupcake by walking to shake shack yestereve.

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers looks like a really scary wax doll. *shivers* lol