Monday, October 6, 2008

The "Oh Yes, Your Grandmother Used to Make Those" Edition


I caved. I'm a full blown LIRR commuter. I'm a car away from being a Long Island girl. Brownie, do not let that happen. Bright side: I get to walk by Macaron Café and Kati Roll, on a whim!! This is exactly what happened last week, I needed an after-work pick-me-up, a little sweet treat for the road, macarons it was.

In the Bag

I decided to save my packet to share with Big Bobo and Mommsie, sharing is caring and all. After visiting Bouchon Bakery way back when and having my first macaron, I'd been telling my mother of these delicious treats, how they're very hard to make, can be really bad or 'oh so' delicious, etc. etc. I figured it was time to offer up the goods, and I had heard good things about Macaron Café. In order of eating:

Vanilla Macaron

Violette Macaron

Strawberry Macaron

Dark Chocolate Macaron
Dark Chocolate

Strawberry and Dark Chocolate
Unholy union of strawberry and dark chocolate

Arriving home with goodies in hand, "I'm home. I have desserts!!" I forced my mom to eat take a bite. "Oh yes, grandma used to make those. I think I have the recipe some where." Ugh; nothing I do impresses this woman. Back to the goodies.

All of these were very delicious, sweet but not overwhelmingly so, crisp outside protection for a moist chewy inside, and buttercreamy fillings that gushed just a little out of the sides. The flavors was strong and distinct; the violette was really just lavender. I am in no way a macaron expert as I've never been to Macaron HQ, Pierre Hermé or Ladurée, but I would guess that these may be some of the better macarons offered in NYC.

Macaron Café
161 West 36th Street, close to NE corner of 7th Avenue
(646) 573-5048


Anonymous said...

wow those look like whoopie pies to me aka the perfect treat

Anonymous said...

Did the strawberry one taste like cough syrup or was it just mine? I thought they were too sweet....