Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pizza Moto at the Brooklyn Flea

Serving Pies at Pizza Moto

Blondie and I had a very busy weekend. Blondie represented B&B proudly at the Cupcakes Take the Cake Cupcakes for a Cause Bake Sale with her AWESOME s'mores cupcakes. Since we were at the Brooklyn Flea we couldn't resist the chance to check out this intriguing "Pizza Moto" a mobile brick oven "pizzeria"...

Pizza Moto Pie Prep

Apparently Pizza Moto is run by a guy named Dave who's a chef at Lunetta on Smith St.

Pizza Moto Brick Oven

And he built this brick oven by hand. That's pretty darn awesome.

Pizza Moto!

When we arrived at Pizza Moto's table there was a bit of a line, but the ordering was quick and efficient--one line to place your order, one line to pick up. Pizza's were in and out of the oven in a flash.

The pizza was pretty good, too. Good tangy sauce. Fresh mozzarella. Thin crust. All in all as tasty margarita.

Pizza Moto Magarita

But tasty pizza from a mobile oven doesn't come cheap and at $9 for a personal pie that's maybe the size of two slices, it's definitely a splurge and maybe even $1 more expensive than the reported planned price one month ago when the truck made it's first appearance.


Lawman pointed out that $9 seems on par with the going rate for higher end personal pizzas in the city these days. Can anyone comment on this? I'm not really a serious consumer of higher end personal pizzas so I don't have much of a frame of reference for the pricing. Don't get me wrong, Pizza Moto makes a good pie, but in my book it's a little too dear for what you get. If this pizza were $7 or even $8, I'd be on board, but at $9, unless I was really aching for some 'za I'd probably pass. These are rough times...chip in with a few friends and you can buy a whole pizza at DiFara's!

Pizza Moto @ the Brooklyn Flea
176 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Anonymous said...

i saw these dudes but also saw the price tag and the size of the pizza. yea... couldn't do it, not even for the sake of research. The pizza does look good, but maybe they're off on the pizza to price ratio...

Brownie said...

Yeah, fortunately we were together so we could split the price and try it for science's sake. I can't really imagine paying $9 if I were just getting it on my own.

Siobhan said...

Like I told you there, at least it wasn't Una Pizza. Even I was in sticker shock; I guess I'm the eater of the higher-end pizza now?

Yvo Sin said...

Adrienne's in the Financial District (mmm, how I want their pizza now...) is $10-14 for a 10" pie (on the small side, I can finish a whole one by myself over the course of a DVD), but is really delicious and those are w/toppings ($10 would be the plain[er] ones). I dunno. I love Adrienne's and it pained me the first few times to pay those prices but I got used to it because it is so delicious. (with link to first review, which has more pics of the 10" pies) Yours look a lot smaller than 10" though.

Anonymous said...

I think the price is right on par for what you are getting- supporting someone local who only uses the finest of ingredients. IMHO, the pizza is worth every penny. Quality food calls for quality ingredients.