Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pulled Pork, The Latest Dinge

Pulled Pork Wafel

Last week, Wafels & Dinges decided to add a new savory wafel, pulled pork bbq with cole slaw and koolickles. I guess if fried chicken goes with waffles, so does pulled pork?

Pulled Pork Wafel

As the first reviews were coming in, this new savory seemed promising; the pork is from Smokin' Joe's and I've never even heard of, let alone tried, a kool-aid pickle before so off I went for some lunch. The pulled pork is actually good, moist, meaty pork; the pickle is just weird, it's sweet, fruity, and crunchy, but not briny at all like a pickle should be; the cole slaw was not my favorite. I'm not a big mayo salad fan and will often skip those at BBQs, and this was a slathered in runny mayo slaw. I hadn't finished reading the SE:NY article, but as I was devouring the wafel, I thought to myself "this would probably be easier if made as a sandwich." Sure enough, that's how it should be eaten. If you do happen by and decide to get this, I'd ask for them to cut the wafel down the middle since you rarely can achieve such a task by yourself on the street (it's hard enough to cut and eat these without making a mess of yourself.) And now that this has been made a permanent wafel option, I'm encouraging Brownie to get one soon, and when the truck's in Midtown, it definitely makes up for the BBQ-less lunch options.

Wafels & Dinges likes to move around, the best way to find the truck is through its Twitter.


Yvo Sin said...

Making me hungry... I know it's supposed to look like whipped cream and a cherry on top but it still skeeves me to see that next to pulled pork... hehe

Ali said...

The moment I saw that red pickle I yelled (but only in my mind) KOOLICKLE!!

That looks super delish!