Friday, October 24, 2008

Sukhadia's Makes a Delicious Masala Dosa


Yes, Sukhadia makes a delicious Masala Dosa and this was probably the MOST delicious Masala Dosa I've had at Sukhadia's, but if you have a nut allergy like I do, their sometimes secret ingredient of cashews is not good news...


I've been to Sukhadia's many times for their excellent $5.99 all vegetarian Indian buffet and also for their dosas. The masala dosa is my favorite and Sukhadia makes a very good one. The dosa is chewy and flavorful and oh, yeah, HUGE--I had to lean back to get it all in the shot. It comes with a little cup of dal and a cup of coconut chutney. The potato filling this time was exceptionally good. Nicely spiced and studded with tasty onions. Oh and something crunchy. Something crunchy that has the texture of a nut. Nuts in my masala dosa? I've never had a masala dosa there with nuts and Blondie and I specifically asked the waiter two or three times if it had nuts! Very frustrating. Fortunately I don't have as severe reaction to nuts as some of my friends who are also allergic, but I try to limit my exposure as much as I can and I'm always good about asking if dishes have nuts. Turns out the communication breakdown was in the kitchen where the chef (I'm presuming a new guy) sometimes at his whim puts a little bit of cashews in the dosa. ARGH!


Lesson time I'm at Sukhadia's I will peer behind the counter, make eye contact with the chef and make him understand that I can't have nuts in my food. If you don't have a problem with nuts then I'd recommend this dosa without reservation. I have no idea what the final bill was because Blondie paid it as I ran out to Duane Reade in search of Benadryl.

Sukhadia's Gokul
17 West 45th Street
New York City, NY
(between 5th and 6th Avenue)
Phone : 212 395-7300
Fax : 212-395-2552


Yvo Sin said...

I'd be super annoyed! Thank goodness you're okay and didn't have a more severe reaction. Eesh.

I've never had a dosa, though that looks pretty tasty. I'm allergic to coconut so that part is off limits. Boo.

Anonymous said...

If you're into dosas, have you tried Saravanaas (81 Lex at 26th)? A couple of my dosas-lovin' friends swear they're the best in the city.

Brownie said...

@Yvo: Meh, you're not missing so much with the coconut. The dal is way better.

@LC: Thanks for the tip. I've heard good things about Saravanaas. I've been wanting to try their thalis.

Anonymous said...

Got some good news for non-nut someone born in India who has had his fair share of Dosa, those crunchy things wouldn't have been nuts but a type of lentil instead.

They are sometimes used in the potato filling.