Friday, October 10, 2008

They Haven't Been Around for 106 Years For Nothing!

Glaser's Whoopie Pie

Of course, if I was on the Upper East connecting with my heritage, I wasn't leaving without stopping at one of my new favorites. Since first visiting Glaser's, I've learned, from my sources, that their cupcakes may be some of the best in the city. How could I not try one?

Big Bobo was not happy hoofing it over to 87th and 1st, but what are big brothers for, if not to join you on cupcake missions. Upon arriving, not only did I notice their red velvet cupcakes, but there were whoopie pies, front and center!! I hadn't given whoopie pies much thought in my life, until I met Brownie. Now, it's a different story, and I was excited to try this one.


Whoopie Pie!

Glaser's Red Velvet

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting

Inside Glaser's Red Velvet

The red velvet was definitely one of the better ones I've tasted in NYC. The cake was a deep red and moist with a subtle cocoa taste; this wasn't just yellow cake with red food coloring added. The frosting was tangy and sweet, not overpowering or cloying. The best part had to be the chocolate chunks, not shavings, chunks placed on top. Brownie, we have to get there and soon. If not for the red velvet, and I know how much you love red velvet, for the whoopie...

Inside Glaser's Whoopie

Of all the whoopies we've had, so far this is my favorite. The chocolate cake bun was moist and a little crumbly. It definitely didn't overwhelm the insides, which tasted like the perfect cross between sandwich cookie filling and frosting. The frosting to bun ratio, if you will, was a little off; the bun could be smaller or they could be more generous with the frosting. They did have others with more insides, so you can get a better ratio. Must. Go. Now.

Glaser's Bake Shop
East 87th Street and First Avenue
(212) 289-2562

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