Sunday, October 5, 2008

Travels with Brownie: Scoops Ice Cream in Red Lodge, Montana

While I was out west I had a chance to visit Scoops, an ice cream shop in downtown Red Lodge, Montana. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for an old fashioned soda fountain and when I heard that they had old fashion draft root beer from an authentic 1919 soda fountain, Lawman and I had to check it out...


Scoops is a charming little ice cream parlor on Red Lodge's main drag. They had a whole menu of ice cream flavors including local favorites like Huckleberry. But I had one thing on my mind. Root Beer Float.


For $4.50 you get a Root Beer Float, and--here's the cool part--as long as you have ice cream you can have as much Root Beer as you can drink. If you split your float, as we did, you get just one free refill, but it's still a darn good deal.

Scoops Owner Shows Us How It's Done


Our Float!


Time for a Refill!



Next time you find yourself in Red Lodge, I highly recommend checking out Scoops for a Root Beer Float or a cone.

For more pic of Scoops check out our flickr.
205 S Broadway Ave
Red Lodge, MT 59068
(406) 446-0160
Home of the Red Lodge Web Cam

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Yvo Sin said...

I LURVE root beer floats! Tap root beer sounds heavenly. I also love root beer. Mmm... while I can't remember the last time I had a root beer float, I do remember the worst one: someone put ice in the soda then the ice cream on top. WTF is all I can say. I'll say it again: WTF. WHO DOES THAT?!