Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Vendys, Part 2

The Vendy Award

Brownie and I had such a good time at the Vendys, I think a post each is not out of the question. I danced, I ate, I thought about how the man fool enough to make an honest woman of me just might have a Vendy Award reception idea to deal with. Now, for my photo essay...

Calexico Truck
When I got lost in DUMBO, all I saw ahead of me was a guy in a "Eat the Street" t-shirt; like a beacon of hope, he led me to the light.

Trucks Readying for the Vendy's
Is everybody ready?

Soler's Pupusa's
The various camera crews went around early.

2008 Vendy's People Choice Ballot
Get out the vote! This is a democracy! If you don't vote, you can't complain.

Meru Sikder from “Biriyani Cart” is interviewed
They wuz robbed.

Van Leeuwen Truck
Dear Ben Van Leeuwen, the next time I see your truck unattended, I may "borrow" it. I am working on my stick shift skillz. XOXO, Blondie

Reigning Vendy Champ Thiru “Dosa Man” Kumar from NY Dosas
Enjoying the perks of being the reigning champ.

2008 Vendy's
The Tobacco Warehouse is quite possibly one of the greatest venues in NYC.

Who's manning the trucks?!

I went to sleep thinking about you, my love.

Van Leeuwen Truck Crew
I'm a sucker for guys who can correctly pronounce Michel Cluizel, and feed me ice cream and hot fudge. I do give Ben props since he had second-degree burns on his hand from a caramel incident the day before.

Vendy Winner Kim Ima
We love Kim. (Sidenote: Dot will be hitting the streets soon; Kim's been working on getting her permits and whatnot in order.)

Vendy's Runner Up, Mohammed Rahman from “Kwik Meal”
I don't think he's taking this well.

Vendy's People's Choice Winner Meru Sikder from “Biriyani Cart”
He sets my mouth en fuego, and I love it.

And the Vendley Bros Take it All!
In their defense, they were super nice and wouldn't stop serving even when told to by the organizers.

'till next year, guys!

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Yvo Sin said...

Two different perspectives always good, more photos! Lovely coverage and great photos :)