Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blondie is Full of Cake

Durso's Red Velvet Cake
I love cake. I love little cakes. I love big cakes. I love tiered cakes. I love cupcakes. I love cake in a house. I love cake with a mouse. I ate two cakes in the past weeks that you should know about.

Inside Durso's Red Velvet Cake
Cake numero uno is from Durso's. When I picked up the pasta sheets for my ravioli, I just happened to go near their small dessert case. It doesn't hold anything mind-blowing, just great classic desserts. The day I picked up the sheets also happened to be the day we were celebrating Silly's birthday and, like the awesome friend I am, I picked her up a little treat, a mini red velvet cake. Until then, I never had the chance to taste their red velvet, but I knew it had to be good and it is. The cake is moist, rich, a little crumbly, and has a subtle cocoa taste. The cream cheese frosting is more on the tangy than sweet side. Delicious and perfect for a little treat. Don't worry Brownie, I'll bring you one soon.

Amy's Bread Black & White Cake
Cake nombre deux is the black and white cake from Amy's Bread. Last Saturday, a group of us fell into the Greenwich Village location during one of the rainstorms. Originally, I was going to abstain from sweets (I was still carrying around the Momofuku goodies), but Moniker's hubby convinced me to split a slice of Amy's black & white cake with him. I believe he said something along the lines of "you know you want it. it's calling your name." Though I might be imagining that. This is a no-joke slice of cake. The thing is at least a pound and 5 inches tall; I wanted to take a picture with it standing up, but that was impossible. This cake was all sorts of crazy good; rich and moist dark chocolate cake covered with Amy's sweet vanilla buttercream frosting. Nothing survived.

189-01 Crocheron Avenue
Flushing, NY
(718) 358-1311

Amy's Bread
3 Locations in Manhattan


Brownie said...

Both of those cakes are calling my name...

Anonymous said...

Not to be a French snob, but I believe it is "numero deux"