Monday, November 17, 2008

Boom Times for Spam?

Spam Singles
Spam, of the non email variety, is making a comeback. According to the New York Times in recent weeks Hormel's plant in Austin, Minnesota has been pumping out lots more of that famous canned meat product...

My grandparents were young during the Great Depression for the dawn of Spam. When my parents were poor grad students they subsisted on Spam. And though it's been awhile, I've been known to occasionally partake of a SPLT (Spam, Lettuce and Tomato for the uninitiated). There's something strangely compelling about watching the way that Spam kind of swells and sizzles when you cook it.

Venturing onto Hormel's Spam site I was overwhelmed at the Spam fandom. I'm not a Spam fanatic and yet I got sucked into playing their Monty Python SPAMalot game and browsing the Spam store (cute pig alert!) Apparently there are Spam festivals including the Waikiki SPAMJAM. Trip time, Blondie?

My Hawaiian friends swear by Spam Musubi, a sushi-like Spam treat.

How do you like your Spam? With eggs? On a sandwich? On someone else's plate?


Unknown said...

I like spam shredded into macaroni and cheese. A friend of my grandmother would make it for every block party.

Yvo Sin said...

I have rarely had Spam but I had to comment on the price in your photo. Spam in general I find expensive (the canned variety is like $5 a can?!) but I have seen the Spam singles (same as the ones in your photo) for $1 a pop at Jack's 99c Store in Midtown. A lot of people buy food there (first floor) so I can't imagine it being weird to buy food there. :) In fact, I HAVE one of those Spam singles I bought there about a year ago... lol I haven't gotten around to frying it up for Fried Spam & Eggs

Peach said...

I like my Spam Musubi brushed with some teriyaki sauce before I cover with Nori. YUM!!