Monday, November 17, 2008

Hitting Me Where I Live, or Not

Cookie Melange

As I waited for over a hour to taste the latest in the Juicy Peach empire, I tried to meditate on my Jedi mantras. I also tried to not stare at the people surrounding me, many of whom had the most unfortunate experience of falling out of our their time machines from 1982. Dearies, I heart Bow Wow Wow too, but that's not a reason to put on a bodysuit or Ray-Bans. Sorry, I had to put that out there, back to the food.

The Line

The line coming out of Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar was easily spotted from down the block. Good for me, bad for passers-by, many of whom wondered WTF? I endured the hour wait, often pondering if it was really worth it since, by the time I got to the counter, my patience and afternoon were long gone. I chose a variety of cookies, one slice of candy bar pie, and a slice of crack pie. The grease from the cookies immediately started leeching into paper bag, a good sign in my book.
Greasy Bag Pie

For my half dozen melange, I chose snickerdoodle, compost, double chocolate, peanut butter, blueberry cream, and banana. All are very filling and dense, these are good sized cookies for $1.75. I couldn't imagine eating more than two of these though, they're so thick that your jaw starts to hurt from chewing.


The snickerdoodle tastes like cinnamon sugar with a crunchy exterior. The banana also has a crunchy caramelly exterior with all the sweet banana flavor inside. I was not the biggest fan of the peanut butter; it began tasting good, but then a funky aftertaste would happen that was not pleasing in the slightest. The blueberry also had a strange, maybe batch-related, problem. The blueberries were sweet and flavorful, but in between the bites with blueberries, you ate boring vanilla cookie. I wished every bite had blueberry sunshine, but that didn't happen. The double chocolate was very rich and dark, but not too sweet making it a definite option for a chocolate craving.

Inside of Compost Cookie

My favorite of the bunch was the compost cookie probably because there is chocolate chips and oatmeal involved; whenever there's stress in my life, I crave chocolate chip cookies and that's currently happening. None topped my list of favorite cookie, but all are definitely above average. I am planning on trying the peanut butter again, especially since Ed Levine says it's better.

Candy Bar Pie

The same held true for the pies, good A to A-, but nothing that will get you into Harvard. The candy bar pie reminded me of a Take 5, the multiple personality candy bar. They are using very, very good chocolate which I can appreciate, but the filling was a bit too sweet for me, and the pretzels did absolutely nothing.

Crack Pie

I enjoyed the crack pie better. It tasted like butterscotch and has the right amount of sweetness. All in all, I would visit again, mostly likely soon with Brownie in tow, and the good people at Grub Street will love that a bakery opened up with nary a cupcake in site.

Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar
207 Second Avenue
(212) 254-3500


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people wait so long in NY to eat good food. Is it really worth it? Doesn't the line kill the experience? Don't you just wish you could take friends to a great place, walk in, and be seated in under 5 minutes? I'm a little bitter about the lines in NY, as you can tell. In Spain, there are never lines.

I guess there's not solution, right?

Anonymous said...

wow, an hour. that's a real blogger right there. i waited 20 minutes and it was almost more than i could handle. you're spot on about the compost cookie though, mmmm...

Anonymous said...

how come you didn't get a blondie or a brownie pie slice? haha

Siobhan said...

@ robert david and danny: I just wanted to be among the firsts and I really had nothing better to do that afternoon than eat cookies.

@dina: because brownie would have yelled at me. Next time, next time.

Anonymous said...

I considered making the trip from uptown in the rain and waiting on line but just didn't have the commitment you showed. As another poster said, that's a real blogger.

Damn, that compost cookie looks good though. I'll go straight for that when I go. Thanks for hooking up this review.

Brownie said...

@blondie: true dat. Me want cookie. Om nom nom.

talida said...

let's all play hooky on the same day..