Monday, November 24, 2008

I Got a Smile Out of the Dessert Truck

Last Friday, I wanted a little something something, a little sweet ending to my lunch. But it was cold out, and I don't like being in the cold, much less wandering around in it searching for a little sweet treat. Fortunately, I remembered that the Dessert Truck was nearby, and that they were selling pomegranate macarons for a limited time only.

I'm not typically a fan of spending $3 on three bitty macarons, but some of the proceeds were going to go to City Harvest and I didn't feel like eating a cupcake, so what else was there? I know you like my rationalization. I completely disregarded all other dessert options in the immediate area and went to the Dessert Truck. Upon arriving 5 minutes later, I found out that all was not right with the world. 1) there were no more macarons and 2) one of the Dessert Truck men was actually in a good mood and smiling.

Warm Delicious Bomboloni
Let me that back up for you. Every time I've been to the Dessert Truck, I noticed one key thing lacking and it wasn't reasonable prices, it was an iota of a smile. Click here to see how scary this can be. Maybe I just always hit them at the wrong time? Whatever it was, it became a detriment to my experience. Now on Friday, after realizing no macarons were in my near future, I decided to try the bomboloni. Too bad I couldn't say it, and as I tried, Chris Chen smiled and even sort of tiny laughed. As if that wasn't odd enough, something even weirder happened. I liked the Bomboloni. They were cinnamony, warm, gooey and the vanilla cream wonderfully spilled out in between bites. I wasn't even bothered by my slowly freezing hands or the fact that I just spent $5 on three two-bite Bombolini. I got a smile out of one of the Dessert Truck guys, and then I really, really liked the dessert. Yes, Brownie knew of these developments within moments. The tide may just have turned in our relationship...

Dessert Truck

Daytime: Park Avenue at 52nd Street
Nightime: St. Marks at 3rd Avenue


FN said...

LOL! Awww man, the guy cooks up delicious treats AND he has to smile? I love it. (BTW, my girlfriend has the same complaint about me. I tell her I smile on the inside.)

Anonymous said...

wow, three tini macaroons for 3 dollars? i think they do other things at the dessert trucks that's much more worth while. bread pudding, molten chocolate cake are both really good.

Anonymous said...

They gave me 4 macaroons for $3 and they were really good. I would even say worth 3 bucks. Picture below

Anonymous said...

Bouchon Bakery - 1 macaron = $2.50 + tax = $2.71
Dessert Truck - 3 macarons = $3 post tax (albeit they are a bit smaller)

How can you possibly say they are too expensive? They are quite good and even a % is going to City Harvest. Although someone could give them a tip on how to spell macaron

Brownie said...

Why haven't gone and gotten these together?!