Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Decked out Hot Dog Cart

Yes, the red cups were just a hint of the holiday rush to come. The other day I passed a hot dog cart in midtown and noticed that it was decked out for the holidays. And you know what the holidays bring. Oh, yes, large crowds, long lines, and pedestrian gridlock...

If you work in midtown anywhere near Rock Center, you know that the Radio City Christmas Spectacular draws a crowd. The Christmas Spectacular Show Schedule amps up the closer we draw to Christmas. Fridays are particularly bad, so if you want to stretch your legs at lunchtime I suggest sticking to the west side of Sixth Avenue and/or avoiding Sixth Ave all together from 47th Street to 52nd Street. Might be a good time to start brown bagging it or setting up an account with Seamless Web so the food comes to you.

And for you tourists planning on making a Rock Center visit: 'wichcraft in the Rock Center concourse is now open on the weekends.

wichcraft sign

'wichcraft isn't cheap, but they are a cut above the other concourse offerings and their tables with the "read-while-you-wait" food magazines provide a nice respite from the crowds. Plus, how could you resist a Grilled Gruyere with Carmelized Onions? You can't. You just can't.

Grilled Gruyere with Carmelized Onions from 'wichcraft

various locations throughout NYC including the concourse level of Rockefeller Center.

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FN said...

Don't forget about the elves on the Brooklyn Bridge!! I love this time of year.