Friday, November 14, 2008

Jamón Ibérico de Bellota...Tasting the Priciest Ham on Earth

Carving up the Piggy

On Tuesday, I saw on Serious Eats: New York that the recently opened Murray's Real Salami was offering free samples of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, ham from happy Spanish piggies that roam freely and eat acorns. It goes without saying that I've been dying to try said porcine goodness, but until recently this prized ham wasn't available in the US. Oh, yeah, and it retails from between $99.99 to $175 per pound. Free jamon here I come...

I decided to swing by Murray's on my way home and arrived at the market at around 6:00. Then I spotted him. The man with the piggy leg. The nearly carved clean piggy leg I might add.

I grabbed a slice and popped it in my mouth. It was a pleasant morsel of nutty, salty, tasty meat. Yum. I really wanted to swipe another piece but that seemed rude. Overall very good. I wouldn't ever pass up a some free jamon. Was it $99.99 a pound, good? Mmm. That's a lot of bacon. I'm happy to partake, but for my budget it's not really an accessible option. And honestly (maybe this is the Italian in me), but give me an excellent Prosciutto di Parma sliced fresh and I'm a happy Brownie.

Yippee! Free bacon or hot dogs

Speaking of bacon and free...for every purchase of $10 or more Murray's is offering either a free package Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bacon or Hot Dogs (of a presumably fancy pedigree). This is reduced from the free 4 pack of hot dogs with $25 purchase that was being offered last week. I made some purchases for around $10 and got the free bacon, an $8.99 value. Pretty sweet deal. This stuff's going in my Apple Bacon Pie for Thanksgiving. The offer is only good while supplies last and according to the clerk everyone's been going for the bacon, so you'd better get yourself to Grand Central pronto if you want in on this deal.

Murray's Real Salami
Grand Central Market
43rd Street and Lexington Avenue


Yvo Sin said...

What! So I spent a whole $25 for no reason! Well, I got bacon anyway, so I'm happy :) and the guanciale I bought was sooooo worth it ;D

Smith said...

That same bacon is $3.99 at Trader Joe's...

Brownie said...

@smith:haha. no wonder it looked so familiar! ah well, free is free and I wanted the roasted tomatoes and salami I bought any way.

Anonymous said...

the company solex partners in chicago also offers the iberico de bellota ham! i found it on the website - yummy :)