Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Most Beautifullest Thing in Midtown

Rendered. Duck. Fat

Yesterday, a (ahem!) tipster tipped off Eater to the opening of Murray's Real Salami. This (ahem, ahem) tipster, who shall remain nameless, told about cases of sopressata, prosciutto, bacon, salame, cured meats, hot dogs, etc. Meat in glorious forms.

Later on in the day, said tipster (ahem, ahem, something must be stuck in my throat) stopped by again on her way home, inquiring about meats (they only have 3 types of bacon!) and was denied photography. But she was able to click and shoot a quick one of this most beautifullest thing in Midtown (and in Midtown Lunch price range!)

Murray's Real Salami
Grand Central Market
43rd Street & Lexington Avenue
(212) 867-7202


Yvo Sin said...

Do they have goose fat? I've been looking for that...
Yum, I usually keep some duck fat around after I've cooked some duck, but it's been so long :(
And they denied you photography? Grrr...

Brownie said...

Mmm. Duck fat. Delicious.

@yvo: I'm so impressed that you've made duck!