Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Camera is Back!

Marty's Camera Repair

Oh, frabjous day! My beloved camera is back to health! I couldn't be happier and it's all thanks to Marty's Camera in Forest Hills, Queens...

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my camera in Grand Central. The impact screwed up the lens so it wouldn't retract and as a result the camera wouldn't turn on. Oh noes! I know from friends that digital cameras can be very difficult and very costly to repair. Often times it costs less to replace the camera than to fix the broken one. I love my camera. We've been through a lot together. Thousands of pictures. Hundreds of food adventures. I couldn't give up my friend without a fight, so I took my search to the internet to find the best place for the job. I stumbled onto a recent New York Magazine article that referenced Marty's Camera Repair in Queens. "Repair anything" and "well-executed" sounded pretty good to me and the Yelp reviews seemed to concur that Marty was the man for the job and he'd do it for much less than repair shops in Manhattan or the manufacturer.

Fortunately for me Marty's isn't that far from Lawman-in-law's place so he was kind enough to drop the camera off for me. Marty's serviced the camera quickly. I had it in hand for Thanksgiving Day and all of my photos from before the accident were still safely on the camera. Many turkey and pie photos were taken. Then I went to download the photos. Uh oh. My computer wasn't recognizing my camera. It was like my camera had amnesia and wasn't telling the computer who he was.

I called up Marty's and the gentleman told me to bring it in. One long F train ride later I popped up in Forest Hills. The gentleman took a look at my camera and asked me to leave it overnight so he could look at it. It sounded like the impact of the fall had messed up the circuitry for the USB connection. When I explained that I needed my photos (so I could blog about Thanksgiving!) and that I didn't have the proper adapter for my memory card, he graciously helped me download them to my computer using another camera. I left my camera with the assurance that he'd give me a call the next morning. On my walk back to the subway I got the call that he had fixed the camera. Hooray! No need for an extra trip.

The total cost of the repair for my lens was $120 (and he didn't charge to fix the USB issue). Very reasonable when you consider it would cost hundreds more to repair it in the city where they would most likely just toss my very good lens and likely replace it with one of a lesser quality. I hope that I don't have any camera trouble in the near future, but if and when I do, I know that I'm going to Marty's.


Marty’s Camera Repair
7125 Austin St., Ste. 203
Flushing, NY 11375
Store hours: Monday through Friday 9:00am-6:00pm. Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm. Closed Sunday.


Yvo Sin said...

Nice! That's pretty close to me. I'll be sure to keep him in mind. Although I would probably just buy a new camera, since mine isn't that expensive to begin with..

Anonymous said...

what type of camera do you use?

Agent Pulse said...

Marty!! this man has saved my precious minolta a few times already! When i was searching for a place to get cameras fixed I actually came across your blogpost last year, and wow! I'm so thankful. I live two subways stops away from Forest Hills (and I work around there) so it wasn't that much of a hassle to stop by. He's a genuine nice guy, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with camera problems.

Earlier today, I dropped off my dslr to get looked at haha.