Friday, November 21, 2008

Warming up with Sun Dubu Jigae from Woo Chon


I heart Korean food. If it were socially acceptable I would eat Kimchi with every meal. Alas, Korean food generally doesn't come cheap, so I generally stick to Woorijip for my fix, but lately I've been eager to branch out and try some new places to get more of a sit down experience. And who am I kidding, I can't resist the allure of banchan, the assorted little side dishes that accompany a more formal Korean meal. After reading a number of the good reviews on Yelp I decided to check Woo Chon out and see if their free appetizer coupon really worked...

I headed out to Woo Chon with one of my good friends. We were both impressed with the menu and the number of lunch options under $10. The banchan was very tasty. Mmm. Banchan. I noticed a gentleman dining alone at a table nearby and it was nice to see that he got ample banchan as well. Since it was just the two of use we didn't have a chance to try a ton of stuff, but what we did try was delicious. The Sun Dubu Jigae ("soft silken tofu and seafood stewed in a spicy clam broth") was warming and filling. A giant shrimp and a clam still in its shell were spotted in my bowrl. Banchan and soup, the perfect combo for a cold fall day.

Sun Dubu Jigae

We had a little trouble getting the Yelp coupon for a free appetizer to work. First our waiter said he wasn't familiar with the deal. Then he told us it was only for dinner. Looking at the terms the coupon does say that it's for all day long if you order an entree, which we did. My friend brought this up with him in Korean, he spoke to his boss and then relented. The pancake was small but it was free and free is always good. Especially because kimchi pancakes don't come cheap--menupages lists the "small" kimchi pancake as $11.95.

Free Kimchee Pancake

With the weather getting colder, I'd definitely recommend warming up with a soup or stew from Woo Chon. I hope to make a return trip soon. If you do go, don't forget to bring your coupon!

Woo Chon

10 W 36th St
New York 10018
Between 5th & 6th Ave
Phone: 212-695-0676

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