Thursday, November 6, 2008

We Count Votes on Election Day, Not Calories

Extreme Patriotic Sprinklage

Got it? Calories need not apply. I got all caught up in the excitement, especially the "oh, what other election-themed baked goods can I find?" part. And there were plenty...

Krispy Kreme got my vote
My day started with a free star-shaped Krispy Kreme doughnut

Treats Truck Election Cookies
It continued during my lunchtime trip to the Treats Truck

Election Day Cupcake
For a cupcake

Crumbs Election Day Offerings
And up to Crumbs for their cupcakes

Oh, pretty colors
After work, the free for all started

Free 'bucks Coffee
Free coffee

Free Cones from Ben & Jerry's
Free ice cream

Blondie's Election Swag
Free popcorn, pretzels, and water

All this swag and no holiday party
Among other assorted free gifts that were handed to Brownie and I as we walked through the streets

Then onto Madras Man's election party....

An ass and an oliphant
Where I immediately fell in love with an ass and an elephant

Obama Cake
and a symbol for change


Anonymous said...

free swag! oh i missed all that. they ran out of star shaped donuts by midday or something. they gave me an O donut. Maybe it was O for Obama. Tasty nevertheless!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! I went to election plaza and all they had left were the free buttons. I want that coffee traveler you got!